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Friday, August 29, 2014

Bulu Box - August 2014

I'm still not expecting much from Bulu Box after the past few months. It just hasn't been paying off, even getting it for ridiculously low. Bulu Box is a monthly subscription box with two different options, typical Bulu and weight loss Bulu. My fiance subscribes to the weight loss one due to his constant desire to lose those last five pounds, as we all know now. Bulu is $10/month, but there always seems to be a coupon for half off a subscription. He purchased six months, but has yet to have a truly good month. They have a referral points program, and you can also earn points by reviewing items in your box. The points you earn can be used in their store to purchase full-sized items that are sent in boxes or whatever they have floating around at the moment. They do a good job at sending coupons via email, so if you don't want to subscribe yet but want to be in the know, I suggest subscribing to their emails and get the coupons first.

Just as a heads up, this month was a huge letdown. I didn't take multiple pictures of items because everything was so small that it all fit into one picture - not a good sign.

As always, their boxes are always inspirational.

First look. This is the picture of the sample journal for your to keep track of how you felt prior to taking/using the sample and how you felt after. I'm not sure if I've included a picture of this recently, so I wanted to make sure I did this month.

Info card. As you can tell, not much was included this month. 

Even when it came in, it didn't come close to filling the box. So many small samples and so few samples in total.

Please, can someone explain to me why my 24 year-old male fiance is receiving products for a woman? I could understand one or two, as in previous Bulu Boxes, but men want to lose weight as well as women! Instead, he received a box of crap that he has no use for and even I probably couldn't/wouldn't use. If anyone wants to know what something is, I will feel free to explain. Otherwise, I shall leave it to this one word...crap.

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