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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Birchbox/Ipsy Spoilers August 2014

I was loving that Ipsy allowed us the opportunity to see our bags early by only doing a few easy things! But I was sad because even though my Birchbox shipped quick, it took forever to update (and then re-update to the correct box!). But here they are, finally!

First things first, I'm not sure about the Dr. Brandt. I've seen a lot of their products in various bags, so I will definitely try this out. I'm all over the UD Mascara. I've already received one sample of it and it's amazing! I have heard of J. Cat but never tried it, but all of us know how much I love shadows. I also love lip products, so I will definitely find use in the Jersey Shore! The one thing I'm most not looking forward to is the Klorane. I received it in Birchbox last month and it still hasn't been used.

I love that I'm receiving two mascaras this month (this being Benefit's They're Real), and I love that they are both ones I've tried and loved. I can always use backups of the good ones. I specifically chose the theBalm Stainiac, so I'm happy that it's going to be included (theoretically). I don't ever look forward to getting perfume, especially not perfume that costs that much. Here's hoping I don't like Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris. I have a ton of  lotions, but I still hope I like Key West's Aloe Lotion and it doesn't make me sneeze! I'm not sure about the Acure Facial Scrub, but it seems to have decent reviews so I'll definitely try it a few times!

What did everyone else get in their spoilers? To those that have received their boxes/bags, did everyone get what they were supposed to or were there surprises again? I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love seeing what everyone else gets in their subscription boxes. I'm still waiting on my ipsy bag, but I did receive my Birchbox last week and thought it was just OK this month. I am pretty excited about the dry shampoo and dis-a-pore BB cream, but the other stuff will probably be traded. The noir eyeliner looks like great quality, but I already have plenty of black liners! I was really hoping to get the UD velvet eyeliner in my ipsy bag, but according to the sneak preview, I'm getting the Perversion mascara, which is good, because I love that too!

    1. I agree that there's enough eyeliners going around, at least black ones! I would love if I started getting great blue, purple, or green eyeliners in my boxes/bags. I'm also very much over getting mascara, but just because it seems to be everywhere. I wish I would have gotten the UD eyeliner, though. The ones I have now (24/7) are amazing for my waterline/tight-lining.