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Friday, August 15, 2014

Birchbox - August 2014

Once again, we all know I am loving Birchbox recently. It is the 'original' subscription box and I will probably keep it forever, at least for the points.

Birchbox is the original subscription box, and it's still going strong. Even when the box isn't the greatest, I'm always happy to continue my subscription due to the points system. For those that don't know, Birchbox sends anywhere from 4 to 8 products a month (full size, deluxe sample size, and sample size) and you can review your items each month for 10 points/item. You can also get additional points for getting a yearly subscription or using someone's referral. Every 100 points you earn is $10 to use in their shop. For $10/month (for the women's box), I think it's worth it for the points alone. Now on to the box!

Somehow, I missed taking a picture of the shipping box, and that means I missed seeing what the shipping address was. I admit that I was so happy to get it and try out stuff that I didn't even pay attention when it was thrown out - sorry!

First look. The tissue paper was pink and that makes me very happy! :)

This month's theme is Lighten Up and about how at this super hot point in the year, we can't take ourselves too seriously. What I consider being the sub-theme is (The Month When Your Blow-Dryer Goes Into) Hibernation. Now let's see what goodies I got!

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara ($10) - This links to the full-sized, which is what I reviewed, but they sell this sample size for $10! I already have a sample of this, along with a sample of a lot of other mascaras, but I still love that I received it! It's great for backup or something great to pass along to someone else. I love this mascara and approve of anyone wanting to buy it!

Key West Aloe Moisturizing Lotion (Mango) ($2.00) - I admit that I have far too many lotions already, but this one shocked me. It goes on great and has a scent without being too overpowering. I think they could make it a little more scent-y, but this is great for people that are sensitive to strong smells. It's also a decent price, which is shocking me for some reason!

Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub ($3.75) - I was shocked to see a scrub in my box for some mysterious reason. I wasn't sure how I would like it because I'm on the sensitive side with scrubs (some feel like they're pulling my entire face off!) but this one wasn't bad at all! It is also a great price for the full-size and I'm still shocked at that!

Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris Fragrance ($1.10) - I'm guessing on price just because there isn't a size on this. I might have been enjoying that everything so far had been inexpensive for the most part, but this definitely isn't! That's not a good thing, though, because it smells amazing. It's summery and light with just a hint of floral and way too expensive for me, unfortunately. So, I'll just happily use the sample, that came with a spray tip(!), and be sad when I run out.

theBalm Stainiac (Beauty Queen) ($2.27) - I'm putting the shade I received, but it's the only one listed on Birchbox right now anyways. I'm hoping it eventually comes out in other colors because this stuff is to die for. I put a dab on my wrist and it lasted well into the night and almost through my shower. I know that my lips will have more movement, but that's a good sign of a great product. I really like that it comes in a traditional lip gloss container with the brush, just because it makes it easier to use! I'm looking forward to trying it out on my cheeks as well, just to see if it works better than my current blush.

All total, I figured up that this box was worth $19.12 plus the 50 points I will get for reviewing. Considering I paid less than $10 for this box (I signed up during a promotion for a year), I definitely love it. I also just love the products and can see myself using them and probably purchasing some of them again! Did anyone else get Birchbox this month? Any good or bad thoughts about your box?

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  1. I'm dying to try the They'reReal! mascara but just can't spend that money on mascara! Hoping for it in a future BB!

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  2. I first tried it when Ulta had a sale where you got a free Benefit six-pack of minis with a Benefit purchase. That's when it's most worth it. This will be included in the giveaway I do when I reach 100 followers, though! I have too many mascaras as it is and two are Benefit. :)

  3. I got the Stainiac in one of my Birchboxes, and I have to say I wasn't a fan. It would not stay on my lips. I used it on my cheeks and liked it much better for that purpose.

    - Shae

    1. At least you found a use for it! I'm looking forward to trying it out tomorrow. It was pointless to try it today because I had to clean all day. :/

  4. I got a totally different box. I think I received the mascara last moth- I really like it but it is a little had to get off!

    1. I switch between UD's new Perversion mascara and Benefit mascaras. I love them all, but They're Real is definitely a pain to get off.

  5. I got the scrub too and I really like it. I am a sucker for facial scrubs though! Great box this month.

    1. I love trying new scrubs! Probably because as soon as I fall in love with one, they discontinue it and I have to find another perfect one.