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Friday, July 4, 2014

Kohl's Beauty Bag + Details on How to Get Your Own For Free!

Last month, Kohl's was kind enough to offer me their special 'Kohl's Beauty' bag for review. They are about to start send these out again, actually! This period starts at 10am ET (7am PT) and here's the tweet and you can learn how to sign up for the sweepstakes here! To win, you have to post a pic of your old makeup bag and hastag/connect with them on IG and Twitter, pretty easy! Please let me know if you end up being one of the winners, I'd love to compare what I got to what you got!

This is the super cute bag it came in. It's small, but the perfect size to keep my samples/trial sizes in when I'm going somewhere! Or just to help me get organized! :)

The info card. It has their Web ID numbers, but they won't work if the item is out of stock. Thus, I'll be using links other than to Kohl's if I cannot find them on that website.

Here's all of my lovelies I got!

Lorac Cobra Mascara ($11.20) - This is a great mascara! It's supposed to curl, lengthen, and volumize, which I really think it does! I already have 1000 mascara samples, but I liked this one just as much as I like my standby, maybe more! I love how big this sample is and how much use I will be able to get out of it. Definitely a plus already!

Jane Cosmetics Lip Gloss Inner Light ($7.00) - As I've said a million times, I am addicted to lippies. This was a great addition to the bag. This is a good lip gloss, not too sticky and not too thin. This is a great color with amazing shimmer. Another plus for Kohl's!

Eylure Naturalites Super Full False Eyelashes ($6.00) - Not a good one for my bag, and still sitting in the box. I have no idea how to use fake eyelashes and I probably never will. I can throw on some mascara and find that mine are fine like that. Plus I always seem to poke myself in the eye with it or they fall off onto my face, which makes me look ridiculous! :)

theBalm Instain Long-Wearing Staining Powder Blush Swiss Dot ($1.98) - Amazing. I love theBalm products and I love the way they make their sample sizes. I had never heard of this blush before receiving it, but I'm considering buying it now. This is an amazing color, perfect for pale girls. It's a great coral color and is my go-to now!

Elle Cosmetics Lip Gloss 09 ($16.00) - Amazing, two lippies in one bag! This is a gloss with a wand and applies great. There is an amazing shimmer without grit and it's a great color to tone down some of my darker lipsticks or wear by itself to get a nude shimmer!

sugar Line-A-Licious Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner Stiletto ($10.00) - I love that this is a felt-tip eyeliner that is finally in black. I get so many that are colors, and I'm more of a black/grey/purple only. It applies great, very smooth, and has staying power in my opinion!

Pur Minerals Big Look Mascara ($14.12) - Another great mascara. I love that this one has Argan Oil in it, which has to be great for your lashes! It's very smooth to apply and works great on lower lashes as well! 

essie Nail Polish Bikini So Teeny ($8.50) - This is a great light blue polish. I've found essie has great application consistently and I'll always go back to them. The other colors in this line are great too and look amazing on screen!

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Eau de Parfum ($1.16) - It can't be a beauty bag without getting perfume in it! At least this one I have heard of, though! It smells great and I do like it. I wish it had come with a spray pump instead of just a lid, but that's my clumsiness speaking more than anything!

I didn't find quite the $85 value that they promoted, but I did find $76, and that's close enough for something that's utterly free. I have found some amazing products that I will definitely be using and buying more of through it, and that's what it's all about. Is anyone else going to sign up for the sweepstakes on Monday? Let me know!

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