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Friday, July 11, 2014

Julep - July 2014 + Coupons!

Julep is a monthly nail polish subscription box, and it's amazing. It's so addictive to receive new polishes every month and be able to pick what you want to get. There currently now is MyMaven for $24.99/month or $19.99/month if you subscribe for three months and Maven Luxe for $39.99/month. My Maven gets you the regular boxes each month and you can swap out products for the ones they have selected. Maven Luxe works the same way, but it's for higher valued items. You still can skip, but now you receive a skip every six months you take a box. There is still the referral program in place, and each referral earns you $15 to spend in the store. The Jules are still being earned and used, but they are only earned if you take the box and can be used either on monthly boxes or in the Jule Box. Still one of the best bonuses of being a Maven is that you receive 20% off all store items and free shipping on all orders!

This month is The Poolside Collection and offered their new products, Body Milk (moisturizes with milk thistle and citrus oils) and Body Polish (exfoliates with coconut shell powder and pumice). I didn't receive either of these because I purchased the Polish Lover's Upgrade, where I received all of the colors released in this month's collection. It is $44.99 to do this, and I almost always does just because I find more that I love than I don't.

Pretty purple Julep boxes in my mailbox make me smile. This month was a test month for using UPS. I know not everyone's boxes shipped this way, but it's nice that they are listening to our complaints about DHL taking so long. My box shipped on 6/27 (received the notification on the 28th) and it was delivered on the 2nd (I'm running behind on posts...a lot of boxes came in at the same time). This was pretty fast, even for me. I almost never have these ridiculous wait times that some people do, even being way down in the southeast.

Everything displayed all pretty. I also included my add-on and my bonus polishes in this picture.

Boho Glam
Tamara ($11.20/$14.00) - Descriped as a lipstick red crème. It's definitely a creme and it's a red, but I wouldn't consider it 'lipstick red.' Lipstick red, in my mind, is very striking and very bold.

Lorenzana ($11.20/$14.00) - Described as a shiitake crème. I guess I could see this being the color of a mushroom. I'm not sure why I would need a mushroom color, though. ;)

Classic with a Twist

Kelsey ($11.20/$14.00) - Described as a powder peach crème. It's a very pretty peach color, which I can always use. It's not too dark and perfectly pigmented.

Vicki ($11.20/$14.00) - Described as a pink flamingo crème. Yay, pinks! I somehow don't have many of them, even though they make great accent nails. This one is perfect for summer, definitely.

It Girl

Braiden ($11.20/$14.00) - Described as a graphite stardust (matte glitter). Stardust is one of their newer textures. It's gritty similar to sea salts, but it's matte instead of glossy. You can easily put a top coat on to make it shiny or two layers to get rid of the texture. 

Dawn ($11.20/$14.00) - Described as a citron crème. This is probably the only one of the collection that I will not use. I've never been fond of yellow in general, and I don't think it looks right with my skin tone. That being said, it's still a very pretty yellow for those that can pull it off.

Linden ($11.20/$14.00) - Described as a pool blue crème. Another very summery color, but darker than what is in the bottle. It's not so much a pool blue as it is a lagoon blue. Still, a great color and definitely will be emptied (eventually).

Beverly ($11.20/$14.00) - Described as a boysenberry crème. I love purples, and while I probably have too many Julep purples, I had to have this one. It's the perfect dark purple, but light enough to get away with it through summer.

Lissa ($11.20/$14.00) - Described as a tumbled turquoise crème. This is definitely turquoise, probably more so than other ones I've seen released from various makers. I see this going great with Vicki!


Tegan - Described as a rustic red stardust (textured matte glitter). It's another stardust, that I LOVE. So far I've seen people saying it's not available in the store. It may be like Rae was and only available in select times and in a grouped purchase. It's great, though, and I suggest everyone getting it if it become available.

Farrah ($11.20/$14.00) - Described as a lilac silk. This was one of the bonus polishes I received for taking three add-ons. It's a silk finish, and is supposed to feel like silk on your nails. I'm not sold on the color yet, and I'm not a fan of the finish, but it was free so no complaints!

Alexandra ($11.20/$14.00) - Described as a blonde crème. This was the other bonus polish I received for taking three add-ons. This is a regular creme finish, but another yellow. Still free, so still no complaints!

The Polish-Lover's Upgrade lined up. I like it better when the collection makes a rainbow, but this was still close. 

My test mani I made using Linden and Ciara (from a past collection). The formulas are amazing on these cremes and the new 'breathable' technology didn't mess with anything, in my opinion.

As promised, we have coupons! 
First, if you are new, please use my referral and take the quiz to match to your profile. If you don't like what colors/products you get, there is a link to see the other offered starter boxes and you can choose the one you want. Use code HELLOYOU to get it free and only pay shipping!
There was also an offered coupon for 30% off the new Body Polish or Body Milk with code GOBARE.
Last a Perk coupon is working again. Get $10 off your order of $20+ (no Jule Box, Savvy Deals, or Secret Store) with code PERK1020
These two are good until 7/31!

What was everyone else's thoughts on this month's box colors?

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