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Monday, July 7, 2014

Jacked Pack - July 2014 + Coupon

This is 100% for my Fiance, not for me. It's great, though, because he has found new products and received samples of products he loved but hadn't thought about it recently to buy. This box was the 'Get Started' box. They also have 'Get Fit,' 'Get Ripped,' and 'Get Jacked' boxes. You choose which one based on your fitness level and also your desires on what you would like to get. I suggested he get the Get Started box first to see how much he liked it before getting some of the more intense boxes. They also have three levels, depending on how many products you want and which size you want. They have a $9.99 box, a $19.99 box, and a $34.99 box (annual billing broken down by month). If you are interested, you can find more information here.

Jacked Pack. It shipped USPS and came in three days, super fast shipping for out in the country!

First look. It's never packaged pretty, but I guess men don't think about things like that.

Info card. It shows you items you may receive. He actually received all but the LS Bars, which is coming soon, so it makes sense. I understand that it's a marketing tool, because he has already mentioned ordering the bars as soon as they are released.

Other side of the information card.

I'm not doing price breakdowns, etc. on these boxes because a lot aren't labeled with ounces/grams since they aren't labeled for resale. This was a great box, though. He has already gone through some of the thermogenics and the post-workout. It's well worth your money, no matter if you are in tremendous health and want to maintain or if you are just getting started. I highly suggest getting this, at least to try! Not just for men either!

This is a coupon they included for a new product they sent. It apparently was good, according to him, and I'm supposed to suggest it! :) Does anyone else get Jacked Pack? If so, let me know about yours!

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