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Monday, July 28, 2014

Bulu Box - July 2014

I'm still not expecting much from Bulu Box after the past few months. It just hasn't been paying off, even getting it for ridiculously low. Bulu Box is a monthly subscription box with two different options, typical Bulu and weight loss Bulu. My fiance subscribes to the weight loss one due to his constant desire to lose those last five pounds, as we all know now. Bulu is $10/month, but there always seems to be a coupon for half off a subscription. He purchased six months, but has yet to have a truly good month. They have a referral points program, and you can also earn points by reviewing items in your box. The points you earn can be used in their store to purchase full-sized items that are sent in boxes or whatever they have floating around at the moment. They do a good job at sending coupons via email, so if you don't want to subscribe yet but want to be in the know, I suggest subscribing to their emails and get the coupons first.

Another inspirational quote box from Bulu Box.

First look. They included a ton of coupons for future use, which was nice. It would have been nicer if the coupons had been worth something to my fiance, but that's another story.

ips All Natural Egg White Chips ($1.96) - This is very interesting to say the least, and apparently this is the most exciting thing in the box. I admit that it fits in with weight loss, with so much protein in one little bag. There's still a lot of calories/fat in them and far too much for me. Perfect for a man, though!

Rutaesomn ($0.77) - Once again, how are you supposed to accurately judge something that you get ONE 'THING' of? Seriously, one sleep aid isn't going to tell anyone if it actually works or if it's a fluke. Then again, he can't take sleep stuff because of his funky work shifts. 

NatriQuell ($1.33) This product is supposed to be added to water to resolve digestive imbalances. See the cute little size? That's one dose and you can have up to five in 24 hours. Once again, how are we supposed to know if this works when it's not even a full day's dose. Also, how does digestive imbalances fit in with weight loss?

SoapBox Liquid Hand Soap ($??) - This is $14/two 8oz bottles, but this sample doesn't have a weight/size for me to get an accurate value. It's soap, though, and still not related to weight loss. 

Naturade Vegan Smart Protein ($2.40) - At least this I can see going with the weight loss theme! No one is willing to try this, though. We both are content with our protein that we have become accustomed to, and both of us are afraid to get this taste in our mouths. I'm not digging that it's chai flavored, and probably wouldn't try it even if it wasn't vegan. :)

Revolution Southern Mint Herbal Tea ($0.44) - No, no, no, no, no. I thought we had finally gotten away form hot/herbal teas when I stopped getting them from Birchbox. I'm from the south and only like southern sweet tea. This will be given away immediately.

The total for this box was $6.90, not including the hand soap that there wasn't a size on. Not worth it, at all. No other words suffice.

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