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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Birchbox + Details Men's July 2014

Birchbox is a great subscription to start out with, they are the original subscription box. Women's boxes are $10/month and Men's boxes are $20/month. They tend to send varying amounts of products based on the month and the worth of the products. Some months there will be more products of less value, while other months will be less products but they will be more exclusive. This is the last month I'll be writing about Birchbox Men's, for a while at least. My fiance has gotten sick of his subscription and has since canceled it. Their referral program is still going. Ten points are earned for each item you receive and review, and every 100 points equals $10 to use in their store.

This month, Birchbox Men's teamed up with Details, the men's magazine, to create their box.

The shipping box was a very pretty color this month. I wish they would have made the inner box this color as well, I definitely could have found something to do with it crafty.

The theme this month was Best in Show, which basically referred to having trophies/accolades/etc and somehow tying it in with Details.

Info Card. I really do love these, it makes my job so much easier.

This was new to me, it shows various products they sent out in a fold-out book.

First look. Everything was packed in, but it shook a little. I'm glad nothing was breakable/spillable.

Clinique for Men Broad Spectrum SPF - Who knew Clinique was making men's products now, because we especially didn't. It was a shock to see this in the box. He has liked it okay, but he has a sunscreen he normally wears already. It was also mentioned that it made his face feel greasy, but his face has a tendency to be oily anyways.

Alfred Lane Bravado Solid Cologne - Neither of us knew what this was when he first grabbed it. I didn't know that solid colognes were being made so much that they would be dropped in Birchbox. It smelled great, though, and he is considering buying it (if he ever runs out of cologne samples).

Number 4 Hydrating Shampoo/Number 4 Hydrating Condition - Absolutely useless sample. I've gotten two of these in different 'kinds' and they are still sitting around begging to be gotten rid of. They smell like hotel products, still. I'll eventually donate them to a local shelter just so I don't have to look at them anymore. He also doesn't need hydrating anything for his hair, because his scalp can get super oily.

Coola After-Sun Lotion - This is probably be used, in fact it's probably already been used and I haven't realized it yet. Since he works outside, he gets a lot of sun. And while he does wear sunscreen, it's not always enough. At least once a week he will come home with tight skin or a little burn. This was the biggest hit in the whole box.

Harry's Truman Razor - This is a seriously heavy razor. Like heavy that I've never experienced before. It also came with that orange card that offered an additional four blades that you could order from their website and they will ship them to you free. He's gotten so many razors from BzzAgent, etc., so this one might take a while to get used. I have already considered this item a hit in the box because I'm ordering one for my dad. He's always stealing mine and my mom's razors and I think this will be the perfect replacement. The blades are also very reasonable at $8.00/pack.

Did anyone else get the Men's Birchbox this month? Was anyone more impressed with it than we were? His disappointment was definitely a long time coming. He likes getting the boxes, the mail, and the surprises; but he wasn't really getting his money's worth out of the subscription or finding enough products to make it worth keeping.

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