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Monday, June 2, 2014

Wantable Makeup - May 2014

I was one of the lucky ones that was able to take part in the $1 Wantable boxes (accessories post will follow) and purchased both the Makeup and the Accessories subscriptions. Wantable is a fashion and makeup subscription that is $36/month with a subscription and $40/month without a subscription. It is cheaper to subscribe and skip the months you don't want to purchase, as long as you remember to skip each month. They currently offer a subscription with Makeup, with Accessories, and with Intimates. There is also a referral program in place you earn a $10 credit with each friend you invite that signs up. 

The Makeup Box has 4-5 full-sized makeup products that are supposed to match your preferences which they learn through an extensive quiz of loves, likes, and dislikes. 

I admit, their box looks great!  

These are my loves, likes, and dislikes. They did match my profile, just not with items I particularly liked.

The cost of some items is ridiculous, but I suppose the box could theoretically be worth $108.

Quick review because I know I won't use any of these products. The lipstick and lip gloss are far too dark considering I'm 'fair,' the eyeshadow colors are pretty but not close to what I normally wear, and I definitely don't like the highlighter (I prefer liquids or creams). These items are actually for sale in my Storenvy store currently!

One big plus I have to give them is that the lipstick came in with a dent in it (I'm sure it was brand new, it just was probably a manufacturing defect), and they told me they would send me a new lipstick (the one I received was out of stock). Their customer service is lovely and was very overwhelmed with the $1 box deal, but no complaints here!

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