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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Too Faced Palettes! (Rock n Roll, Country, and Cat Eyes)

To preface this, I ordered from Too Faced on 6/17 and received on 6/24, seriously great shipping considering how many of us were ordering at once. Second, I used the 20% off coupon, which made this even more worth it (I had originally only planned on getting Rock n Roll & Country, but the coupon made it worth it to get Cat Eyes as well).

This is the Cat Eyes palette. The colors are hit or miss being pigmented or not. Beautiful colors, though! And the names are amazing. My favorite is definitely Jungle Love for this palette. The best thing about this palette is that the three colors on the far right side can be used as shadow or eyeliner, and are made to be wet or dry.

These are the swatches. Left to right: Purr, Tiger's Eye, Leopard, Meow, Pussy Cat, Jungle Love, Kitten, Kitty Glitter, Panther.

This was probably my favorite palette of the three, mostly because of how buildable the colors are. There is definitely pigment. My favorite is definitely Paper Roses, mostly because I think I found my perfect rose gold!

Left to right: Cowboy Take Me Away, Y'all, Dolly, Famous in a Small Town, Paper Roses, Rhinestone, All American Girl, Nashville, Bluebird.

This is the Rock n Roll palette. The colors are gorgeous in the palette but lack in swatches. They are buildable, but not the most pigmented. My favorie name is definitely a tie between Heavy Metal and Punk!

From left to right: Rockabilly, Rap (basically invisible, gold glitter but doesn't show well), Ska, New Wave, Pop, Heavy Metal, New Romantic, Glam Rock, Punk.

Overall, these were definitely worth the money. I can see myself using at least 75% of all of the colors and will at least use all of them once! Did anyone else get these yet? If there is a request for specific color swatched bigger or closer, I will do my best to meet the request!!

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    1. I'll definitely try it out and write a blog for you. Feel free to email me!

  2. Hey there! Thanks for the review! I of course was curious about the country one so thanks for sharing! :)