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Friday, June 27, 2014

Bulu Box Weight Loss Box - June 2014

After last month's disaster, I wasn't expecting too much from this month's box. I wasn't pleasantly surprised, but I was moderately happy. My fiance was happier than I was, and that's all that matters, since it is his subscription box technically.

Bulu Box is a monthly subscription box with two different options, typical Bulu and weight loss Bulu. My fiance subscribes to the weight loss one due to his constant desire to lose those last five pounds, as we all know now. Bulu is $10/month, but there always seems to be a coupon for half off a subscription. He purchased six months, but has yet to have a truly good month. They have a referral points program, and you can also earn points by reviewing items in your box. The points you earn can be used in their store to purchase full-sized items that are sent in boxes or whatever they have floating around at the moment. They do a good job at sending coupons via email, so if you don't want to subscribe yet but want to be in the know, I suggest subscribing to their emails and get the coupons first.

The box is always good for inspiration. They always have the same quotes, but it's good to see once a month to remind you that you can lose weight/get healthy.

First look. It was a bit messy and things weren't really packed, as you can see in the photo below.

I'm surprised that the liquid held up so well. It had to be bouncing around. They really should make smaller boxes if they aren't going to fill up the box.

Information card, which I love. There was also a recipe for a Kaleberry Smoothie (blech) and a 'sample journal' to keep track of how you felt before and after you used the product. 

MHP Power Pak Pudding Vanilla ($3.50) - This is a little grainy, as most products with pudding are. I have definitely tried better pudding, but none that only had 100 calories and 15 grams of protein. My fiance seemed to enjoy it, but it's not near as sweet as other puddings (due to it being sugar/lactose/gluten free). The link is for chocolate even though this vanilla due to there not currently being a vanilla listed on the site.

bulumu Granola ($0.55) - This was all mine! I love granola of all kinds and loved that there were not only almonds in it, but there were dried fruits as well! This is the way to my heart, send me good granola without too many additives. :)

Kickbutt Amped Energy Ballz ($1.70) - I couldn't find these on Bulu (which makes absolutely no sense but I won't ramble about that), so I linked to a bodybuilding site. The 'cappuccino' flavor wasn't great but it wasn't absolutely terrible either. The cherry flavor was about the same. It's bizarre that they both include chocolate, honey, and caramel being that they have completely different flavors. I hate that each said it included two 'ballz,' but each only had one. And don't get me started on replacing 's' with 'z' as an attempt to be 'cool.' It's just sad.

Shapeology Garcinia Cambogia ($1) - This is basically a fat burner that isn't supposed to make you jittery, but it didn't feel strong enough to compare to the fat burners that do make you jittery. Plus, the jittery feeling can be good depending on what you are planning to do. Two servings isn't enough to get a good idea of something like this, though.

Bach Flower Rescue Pearls ($12.99) - I was thoroughly shocked to see that this is a full size. Although considering the product, it's not that big of a deal. This is supposed to be a 'natural stress relief' and is homeopathic, only containing wild plants and flowers. Being that he hasn't been taking them for long, I'm not sure if he's less stressed due to the capsules or due to the placebo effect. 

pur-Absorb Iron ($1.57) - This is definitely a product marketed towards women, due to our needing more iron after losing it once a month. It definitely needs to be mixed into something to take, though. It's very sad that there is so little iron in it for such a big packet (28% dv).

Naked Wines Voucher ($100) - This was a lifestyle bonus for the month. I honestly cannot understand sending a voucher for wine in a weight loss box, but to each their own. I am not including this in the value of the box because you have to buy a case of wine valued over $160 to be able to use the voucher. The only use this might have is to try to find wine for our wedding and to save a little, but I cannot find a case that costs over $160 at the moment, big disaster with this.

This box's value was at $21.31 not including the wine voucher. While it was worth the cost of the box, it isn't worth it if the products are not great. Did anyone else get their box? Was anyone impressed or let down?

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