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Monday, June 23, 2014

Boxycharm - June 2014

This was my first month getting Boxycharm, but I already knew part of what to expect due to their spoilers at the end of last month. This month's theme was Bridal Beauty, so of course it had 'bride' things. This is a common theme this month and I have seen numerous boxes with similar themes/items. 

Boxycharm is a monthly subscription that costs $21/month. They have monthly themes and send items based on those themes. I've seen boxes average 4-5 items, but some have more items. All of the boxes in a month are the same, which is good for spoilers. You also have the entire month to sign up and still be eligible to get that month's box. Shipping does take some time, though. They post that they have 5-10 business days to send you box out. I purchased on the 2nd, it shipped on the 12th, and I received it on the 14th. It took some time to actually ship, but came quick once it did ship. They have a referral program and getting referrals gets you a free item from their shop. 

The box is super cute! I love the printed on ribbon to make it look more elegant. (Yes, I was so excited due to this being my first box from them).

First look. Everything was packed nicely and securely. I like that they included coupons for the Revlon and for Tarte.

Information card. I do love these. I was seriously shocked to see the value of this box. I've heard that they consistently are worth high amounts, which is just great in my opinion.

Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner Cute Robot ($15) - This is a super smooth pencil eyeliner in cobalt blue. I like the color and I love the options of the other colors they offer. For the price, it's not terribly bad. Especially considering how much bigger this is than the ones I buy a the drugstore. I could definitely see myself wearing this at my wedding rather than wearing something bolder.

Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperlight ($22) - This is another useful product that I will love, for sure. It is a universal shade that is used to reduce dark circles around the eye, which is very important on your big day! I suffer from terribly dark eyes and I will be using this for sure.

Tarte Cheek Stain Blushing Bride ($30) - This is a new shade for their line of cheek stains. It is a rosy pink stain that is somewhere between a gel and a cream that you push up to get color. I'm so glad they sent a lighter shade because some look too dark for my pale-ness.

StrangeBeautiful Nail Laquer Something Blue/You Gold Girl ($18) - This is another definite that is necessary for a wedding day. These colors aren't too dark but will definitely show up in pictures. I can see myself wearing the gold with a blue accent nail (maybe as my something blue, maybe as an extra for luck) for the pictures and for the wedding.

Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara Blackest Black ($7.99) - Yes! It might seem like I have too much mascara, but I really don't. It's great that they sent the blackest black because that's always been my go-to for all mascaras. It's also very cool that they sent a new product.

Overall, the value of this box was $92.99, which is far more than the cost of the box. This was a huge win and definitely followed the theme given. What was everyone else's thoughts on this box? 

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