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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Julep May 2014

First of all, I would like to apologize for failing to get back to my blog sooner. I had some personal stuff pop up and wasn't able to get posts up. I'll be posting boxes I've gotten so far within the next week!

Now on to the review. Julep's May 2014 box was called the Fresh Twist Box. I crowdfunded so I received the Plie Wand with my Polish Lover's Upgrade for free! I also added on the Creativity Set (Striping and Dotting Tools), an extra Iona ( I hoped I was going to like it more than I did), and Swatch Me Stickers (it always seems like I need more the months they don't have them as add-ons).

First Look. Everything came in different boxes (does anyone else seem to think this was a serious waste of packaging?) and so I waited until everything came in before taking photos.

The Creativity Kit. I hoped to love it, but I instead found it to be a letdown. The striping tool makes much thicker lines than I was hoping for. It seemed like such a great idea, everything being able to attach to the wand, but I would much rather use other tools that I know makes smaller lines. The dotting tool did what it was supposed to do...make dots. I wasn't expecting much out of this other than the attachment convenience.

This is the full kit for the wand, including the Plie Wand, Creativity Kit, and Precision Brush. I liked that they sent an extra brush, but I am not planning on using it anytime soon. I might purchase more so I can use the wand for non-Julep polishes, or I might just try to keep this one really clean.

I must admit, I love the idea of the wand. I like how it fits in my hand, but it is a little big. I have tiny hands, and things aren't usually made for tiny hands. I wish it wasn't so heavy and would allow the bottle to stand up without propping it against something. I also found it was far easier to uncap all of the polishes I was using so I didn't mess up the painted nails trying to attach the wand to the new bottle. I still feel like there could be some tweaks made so it's even easier to use while polishing. 

Finally, the polishes! Since I crowdfunded, I received Yumi as a gift. The top row is Yumi and Iona. The bottom row is Maddy, Ramona, Saaya, Laree, Jeanne, Paulette, Iona, Jules, and Kam. The colors weren't quite what I thought they were going to be and thus, I haven't used all of them yet. I have noticed that they seem to be more difficult to apply, but it could be due to the formula being '5-free.' I'm hoping the formulation gets better with time and they apply like the ones I am used to.

Any input on this month's box? I know some people still haven't even gotten their boxes and the shipping completely sucked. Did anyone have a good experience with the wand?

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