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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Graze Box - Nibblebox

Eek! I have to admit, I am already getting super excited when I see a Graze Box in my mail. The first one was so good, and I'm excited to say that this one was great as well. Like I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, you can get the box weekly, biweekly, or more often if you prefer, and it's always $6/box. Using my referral link, you can get your first and fifth boxes free. You can also cancel at anytime, and review items to decide if you want to get them again or never. Since the last box came in, I realized you can review items you haven't already gotten if you know you aren't going to like it and change the option to 'trash' and they won't send it. That makes me seriously happy because I hate to see food wasted and don't want to get things that I know no one in my family will eat.

This box included Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl, Bonnie Wee Oatebakes, Jalapeno Fiesta, and Wholegrain Banana Caramel Dippers.

I am all for spicy and sweet in the same box, it's true, and I will try just about anything once. But as soon as I said 'caramel' to my fiance, he snatched it up and started munching. Luckily I was able to get a couple of bites in. I seriously wish you could buy these individually, because I would buy a case of those Banana Dippers. He LOVED them more than I can put into words. I loved the Blueberry Swirl most of all, just because I love yogurt covered things and berries. I definitely am not digging the Oatbakes, just because it has a 'caramelized onion marmalade'...and it was marked as a trash. I love the option of not getting an item again!!

Does anyone else get this so far? It's pretty great, especially for the size of it to sample products!

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