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Monday, May 5, 2014

Birchbox Men's May 2014

Finally, my (lovely) impatient fiance received his Birchbox Men's box. I swear, he's more impatient than I am. He doesn't look at spoilers, though, so that might be why. He usually finds at least one item in it that he loves and one that I know he's not going to use no matter what.

Unopened box, different size than they normally are.

First look. It was nicely packaged and the t-shirt makes the size understandable.

This box's theme was Good Form, and explained that simplifying is always a good thing. This is something that both Patrick and I could take to heart..mostly me.

The card, which I love, that explains everything. As soon as I read the word v-neck, I knew he wouldn't wear it.

Ministry of Supply: Atmos Base Layer - The underarm of the sleeve. Apparently. the shirt is designed to wick away sweat. Interestingly enough, the card states the base layer costs $38, but the website's base layer states $28. If they had sent the crew neck instead of the v-neck, he definitely would have worn it. As it is, it will go to me or my mother.

Histoires de Parfums: 1899. This has been the third cologne he has gotten in his three boxes. Trust me when I say it, he's stocked up. This one smells decently. I have smelled better, but I have definitely smelled worse. That being said, he wouldn't mind not getting any more for a while, he wants to go back to his Polo. :)

Plant: Face Oil. He will use this, whether it works or not is a different story. He has trouble with acne and I'm afraid this will make it worse. We shall see. 

Rehab London: Daily Scrub Up. YES!! I'm so glad he got this. This will definitely be used and hopefully, will be purchased if it works. I find it hilarious that they send something that removes oil and an oil in the same box. I suppose I'll find out soon if they work together well or not.

BONUS: 32 Oral Care, LLC: Effervescent Breath Treatment. I had seen this in past boxes, so I knew what it was instantly. The flavors are pretty good for what they are, and I'm definitely hoping they come in my box this month as well.

Ante Up: Bicycle Playing Cards. To celebrate the Aces program starting, they sent a lovely pack of cards as well. Sadly, it's this item that he's most excited about. Nothing else has been fully opened yet and these have already been used.

This box was pretty good, in my terms. I know he will use most of it, and this t-shirt will definitely be worn as a very comfy sleeping shirt for my mom or myself. It's not a complete hit, but it's worth the money. Plus he and his friends have new cards to play with.

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