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Friday, August 5, 2022

Fortune Cookie Soap Of the Month - May 2022 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

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What is Fortune Cookie Soap's FCS of the Month Box?: Fortune Cookie Soap of the Month is Fortune Cookie Soap's monthly box to get your monthly fix of FCS products. Each regular box includes one full size product and three deluxe sized products. The four quarterly boxes include a Fortune Cookie Soap plus five deluxe sized products (shipping February, May, August, and November).

How Much is Fortune Cookie Soap's FCS of the Month Box?: FCS of the Month is $16.95 monthly and includes a $10 discount code each month. You can also sign up for the Quarterly option for $67.80/year (billed annually) or the Annual option for $186.45/year.

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I Love You Body Bomb - scented in citrusy floral aroma with sweet amber.
I don't use a ton of bombs, so I did pass this along. Smells nice, though.

Gleam & Glow Shimmer Aloe-lujah Skin Gel - scented in coconut, tropical passionfruit, pink grapefruit, orange blossom, delicate cyclamen, sprinkled with creamy vanilla, warm musk, and golden amber.
Passed this along as well, I don't typically get enough sun to need aloe products.

Untangled Shampoo Bar - scented in white peach nectar, black plum, and vanilla sugar.
I did like this, but it's not as hydrating as my regular shampoo.

The Lost Princess Fortune Cookie Soap - scented in apple blossoms, fresh cut grass, and a perfect spring breeze.
Passed, as I said I would.

Snuggly Duckling Wax Brittle - scented in french lavender flowers with a hint of sweet honey and warm musk.
Smells amazing, but I don't even own a wax melter anymore.

Best Day Ever! Micellar Water - scented in bright freesia and apricot.
Removes makeup, smells okay, what more could you ask for?

Not the best box for me, but maybe I'm being sensitive to smells.


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