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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Geekish Glitter Lacquer - La Santa Muerte Review | May 2021 Charity Box | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

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Because I feel like the maker can do a better job of describing, this is straight from her about La Santa Muerte: La Santa Muerte is an icon, deity, or folk saint primarily seen in Mexican and Central American cultures. She appears as a skeleton in a robe and is important to her followers as she provides protection, guidance, and safe passage to the afterlife. She is a protector of those that society has cast aside; non-Catholics, LGBTQ+, those with substance dependence issues, sex workers, homeless, etc. She is a protector from violence.

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La Santa Muerte is sheer grey base with red-gold-orange shifting shimmer and red-gold-green crystal chameleon flakies.

Brush macro.

Bottle macro.

Glossy nail macro.

These flakies are to die for.

I used three coats, this wasn't opaque. It dried down smooth and to a shine finish.

Matte nail macro.

I love this matte but I really love it glossy, I just love it!

Formula: Very good.
Coats for Opacity: Three coats, not opaque.
Ease of Dry: Normal dry.
Texture: None noted.
Finish: Shine.
Removal: No issues noted.
Top Coat Used: Glossy/Matte.

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