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Monday, January 18, 2021

FabFitFun - Winter 2020 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

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What is it?: FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box that includes beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness, all in one box! It's quarterly, so you get four big boxes a year! It's a great way to start each season off right with what's new and fun. 

How Much is it?: It's $49.99/quarter or $179.99/year.   

My box showed up late, but I'm not mad. It's still winter and wasn't even very winter-y when it should have arrived.

Impressions Vanity Company LED Vanity Mirror (All Members Choice) ($45.00) - I was so excited to choose this item. I have unlit mirrors but desperately needed a lit one, mostly for plucking my eyebrows...which need HELP. This takes batteries or a charge, so it's great for everyday use!

Laura Gellar Cinnamon + Spice Eyeshadow Palette (All Members Choice) ($45.00) - I chose this but I'm not a big fan. The matte shades don't build up well but the shimmers are amazing, so I haven't yet decided what I'm going to do with this. Probably give away just because I have so many palettes and I need to love what I keep.

Kate Spade New York Rise & Shine Stud Earrings (All Members Choice) ($68.00) - I'm a Kate Spade person, so I'm super happy with these. They're a little bigger than I expected but not so big that I won't wear them. The backings hold on super well and I'm very happy with the quality of these!

Beautaniq Beauty Guardian Angel Revitalising Eye Gels (Select Choice) ($25.00) - I'm keeping all eye gels that come in so these are going in the pile (in expiry order) and will be used when I need them!

B-Low The Belt Croc Card Case (FFF Choice) ($35.00) - I have a card case that better matches my purses, so I'm giving this away. It's a nice quality but I prefer neutrals for my accessories and only need one card case in my life. 

Aesthetica Liquid Eyeliner (FFF Choice) ($21.00) - I don't wear liquid liners, shaky hands, so I'm passing this along as well.

Daily Concepts Daily Facial Dry Brush (FFF Choice) ($20.00) - I'm hoping this can be incorporated into my routine because it's such an easy thing to use and will help with dry skin without being a rough exfoliator. 

Flight Mode Skincare High-Altitude Hydration Mask (Select Choice) ($39.00) - Keep all the hydration products! I haven't yet tried so I'll update when I do.

Swatches: Laura Gellar

This box was valued at $298.00, which is awesome. I'm really pleased with this box and even the items that I didn't keep, I like the quality of them.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments below!

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