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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Allure Beauty Box - November 2020 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

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What is Allure Beauty Box?: Allure Beauty Box is a monthly subscription box. Direct from the website info: "Each box includes at least five editor-curated deluxe-size products, with a total value of at least $50. Our editors select a mix of luxury and indie brands for each box. Sometimes we include a bonus product (or two) from a mass brand as a free gift to you." They define deluxe items as anything that you can get three uses out of but they also consider a single face mask a deluxe item.

How Much is Allure Beauty Box?: Allure Beauty Box is $23/month. If you sign up now, the website says you'll get your first box for $5 off.

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This is my final Allure, for now at least.

SkinMedica Instant Bright Eye Mask ($8.00) - This is fine for a one-time use, but I'm tired of one-use items in subscriptions, particularly ones in the $20 range.

Neogen Dermalogy Real Ferment Micro Essence ($7.60) - This is a tiny little baby sample, so I don't know effectiveness of long-term use. That and I'm still unsure as to what essences do.

NatureLab Tokyo Clarifying Scalp Scrub ($1.82) - I like this for when I have a ton of product in my hair from when I'm doing the curly girl method and need to clear it out. I do have quite a few of this type of product, though, and would have loved to see Allure mix it up.

Manna Kadar Lip Bliss Lip Mask ($19.00) - Instant pass. I have so many lip masks and I don't need another. Also, how many Manna Kadar items can we receive in subscription boxes?

Josephine Cosmetics Eye Dazzle (Leona) ($30.00) - This is a pretty bronze/gold shade, but I don't wear liquid shadows so this is also a pass.

Acure Ultra Hydrating 12-Hour Facial Moisturizer ($12.72) - I feel like I've recently received this in another box. This is a fine moisturizer for the day, it's not enough moisture for the evening, and I've considered purchasing a full-size when I work through my samples I already have.

When The Last Choice Extra-Hydrating Sheet Mask ($8.99) - Two masks in one box? That's crap. I did keep this because I recently wanted to use a sheet mask real quick and I didn't have one. Still, two masks in such an expensive box isn't a good look.

Dermelect Self Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum ($42.00) - This has glycolic and salicylic acid, so it's not something I can use every night. My skin does feel nice the morning after I used this, and it'll last for a while because I can't use it daily.

This box was valued at $130.13 but I really was disappointed in it. No makeup and two masks in such an expensive box isn't what I want out of a subscription, so I did cancel.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments below!

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