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Monday, November 23, 2020

HighPaperClouds Cloud Box - October 2020 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

 What is the HighPaperClouds Cloud Box?: The box is a monthly release (not subscription) that you includes 8-10 items (sometimes more) exclusive to the box. This can include sticker sheets and kits, notecards, special paper, trinkets, and more! You purchase between the first and second week of the month so make sure you're following HPC on Instagram to find out when the box is releasing. It ships between the 28th-31st monthly!

How Much is the HighPaperClouds Cloud Box?: The box is $30 plus shipping (I opted for First Class and it was $3.52). It has a guaranteed value of $50 and can go as high as $100!

I love the way she packages her orders and subscriptions!

Info card.

Minty Grey Memo Pad - This is a super cute addition and I love this shade of grey. I'd love dots in this shade! Note pads are always handy to have on your desk so this is appreciated.

Handmade Black & Gold Textured Paper - I really don't know what I'll do with this. It feels too weak around the edges to put in my planner. Any ideas?

Jumbo Gold Clips - Ooh, these are good. They look nice in my Black Moterm even though I have silver rings, and I love that there are two!

Tear Drop Paperclips (Freebie) - Awesome freebie! These are small so they don't hold a ton but they're nice and sturdy and will be used.

MMXXI Journal Card - I'm totally clipping this in the front of my planner once next year hits!

Round Transparent Sheets (Ash, Midnight, Slate Grey, & Charcoal) - I love the size of these and the marble ones? Chef's kiss!

Strips Transparent Sheets (Ash, Midnight, Slate Grey, & Charcoal) - I use these to highlight things but some of the shades are a bit too dark for that, so I'm still figuring these out!

Headers Sheet - Love these to mark important things, wishing these were available for purchase.

Functional Sheet - Probably not going to use the full sheet of these, just don't know what I'd do with them.

Minty Grey Functional Sheet - Love the snowflakes for winter! Super cute addition to this sheet.

Overall, I loved this theme and the Minty Grey shade. I'd buy a ton of stuff in this shade!

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments below!

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