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Monday, November 30, 2020

ChalkfullofLove - Christmas Surprise Box 2020 Box Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

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 This box is from Chalkfulloflove and is no longer available. I grabbed this before the Fall Mini Box arrived, otherwise I probably wouldn't have purchased. It was $78 plus $9.26 shipping.

Let's see how this box compares to the Mini box.

Santa Barbara Design Studio Snowflake Cookie Cutters ($11.00) - This would be a super cute gift for the baker in your life. Considering I'm the baker and I don't need more cookie cutters, I passed these along. It's a cute idea but not something I have a use for.

Twine Living Co Mulling Spices ($11.99) - I wasn't expecting to like this at all but I found the perfect sweet red wine to mix with this and it makes the perfect cold night drink! I love it so much that I'm buying bulk of the spices in this to have it all winter long, and I've passed some along to some friends for them to enjoy as well!

Michel & Co Gift Tag Book ($8.00) - These are way too cute to use for regular Christmas presents, so I'm saving them for the presents that I want to feel fancy with.

Chalkfulloflove Cranberry Woods Soy Candle ($28.00) - I would never pay nearly $30 for a candle, no matter what. This smells nice but not super Christmas-y, or what I think Christmas smells like. It's very sweet and fresh rather than warm, if that makes any sense.

Cup of Cheer Copper Mug ($26.00) - Unfortunately, this turned right after I washed it, in so many places. I couldn't get those spots out so even though I wouldn't pay so much for a mug, I especially wouldn't value this mug at anything considering how quickly it was ruined.

This box was valued at $84.99, less than what I paid for the box with shipping. I think this is my last box from Chalkfulloflove. The Fall Mini Box was a huge letdown and while this was better, it didn't knock my socks off for the cost.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments below!

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