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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Notoriously Morbid - Dapper Darklings Palette Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

Disclosure: This was sent to me in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own. Find out more information here.

Y'all, I am so excited for this palette release. It has been teased for a bit and when Carrie asked me to review it early, I literally squealed. The palette features four mattes and five shimmers and retails for $45. It will be available Friday, October 2nd at 1PM Eastern. 

Look at the colors! It's gorgeous! I've had this for nearly a week and I've been trying out some shades in my off time. I hope to have an eye look posted before release but I haven't been sleeping well so I haven't had a ton of time in the mornings to get ready. There have been a ton of eye looks in the Crypt, though, so head there!

Check out this packaging. It's stunning! 

Here's the palette untouched, pre-swatches!

PodSnappery is a shimmery baby pink with pink sparkles.
This is a gorgeous lid shade and would also work as a highlight for me with a light hand. I love this paired with a basic brown/bronze look for a pop of pink!

Nanty Narking is a shimmery pink with golden sparkles.
Another super good lid shade,  This would be so good with a coral and yellow eye look to pull out the golden sparkles.

Mafficking is a matte mulberry purple. 
I love mattes so I'm a fan of this. The macro of the pan is a bit lighter than it is in person, but the macro swatch is very accurate. This one was a little bit patchy at first once I started blending, it blended out perfectly.

Skilamalink is a shimmery sea foam green with yellow sparkles.
You know how I am about green looks, but this is stunning. The formula feels a little different than the first two shimmers but it's still super creamy and would work well with your finger or a damp brush. Pair this with a warm green eye look or a blue look!

Earth Bath is a matte deep teal blue.
Speaking of blues, this is gorgeous. I have an idea for an eye look using just this and one other shade, below, as a cool contrast-y moment. This is great for the crease to blend into or the outer v to darken an eye look.

Got the Morbs is a shimmery purple with purple sparkles.
This formula is similar to Skilamalink, meaning you would need to use your finger or a damp brush to get the most out of it. This would be so good in the crease or on the lid.

Grinning at the Daisy Roots is a matte goldenrod yellow.
This is the contrast-y moment I was thinking of. I loved my mustard shade from the Come Play With Us Palette and so to have a similar shade is great (I will hit pan on that one from the old palette before I hit pan on anything else). I love a good matte yellow to pair with an orange or a red.

Scandal Water is a shimmery orangey coral with golden sparkles.
This would be so good on the lid with Grinning at the Daisy Roots in the crease for a lighter moment!

Hedge Creeper is a matte olive green.
One more matte to round it all out. This is such a good shade for the crease, maybe even with Skilamalink on the lid!

Swatches L-R/T-B in the above order.

Final thoughts time. I love this palette and all of the color stories involved. I see so many shades working well together and with some of the other palettes NM has released. I love the packaging and definitely think the price point is right for ths.

As always, let me know what you thought of this review in the comments below!

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