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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

HighPaperClouds Cloud Box - August 2020 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

What is the HighPaperClouds Cloud Box?: The box is a monthly release (not subscription) that you includes 8-10 items (sometimes more) exclusive to the box. This can include sticker sheets and kits, notecards, special paper, trinkets, and more! You purchase between the first and second week of the month so make sure you're following HPC on Instagram to find out when the box is releasing. It ships between the 28th-31st monthly!

How Much is the HighPaperClouds Cloud Box?: The box is $30 plus shipping (I opted for First Class and it was $3.52). It has a guaranteed value of $50 and can go as high as $100!

I found out about this brand from AmandaLeighPlans and I'm on my fourth or fifth order already!

I love the branding and packaging! It's so cute.

I mean it, everything comes so nicely.

Info card.

Isn't this super cute!?

Journal Sheets - I don't see a lot of these being used for me personally, just because it's not my planning style. I might figure out a way to use it in my Pocket as that's my 'pretty' planner, so keep an eye out on my IG to see if I do!

Transparent Headers - Love these! I totally see myself using these to notate important things, particularly the Pay Day and the Appt ones!

Cloud Thought Bubbles - I love that these come blank and printed on, just in case you prefer to write your own things out. Will definitely be using these with and without the dew drops!

Cloud Paperclips - Oh yes, I love attaching journaling cards to my dividers with cute paperclips, and these fit the bill!

Mini Icon Freebie Sheet - I wish these icons weren't exclusive because they're super cute and I would love to have sheets of them. They're a cute way to remind you of something and they're small enough to fit in any planner size.

Dots Sheet - I'm a huge fan of dots and love that two sizes were included! Sometimes the dots are too small for me to use as a checkmark because my writing is so big. 

Mini Days Headers - I can't wait to use these in my dailies, which I've started using again now that I have things going on every day. Meetings and such, which makes me sound a lot more important than I actually am.

Transparent Cloud Minis - LOVE. They're like dots, but cuter!

Journal Cards - I especially love the bottom one, but both are cute and both will be attached to my planner in various parts.

Grey & Blush Sticky Notes - I keep sticky notes in my planner for when I need to add something, so these will definitely be used. Either there or they'll be in my desk organizer, but they'll be used eventually!

I couldn't do a value because the items were exclusives but I do feel like if I'd made this as a traditional order, it would have been at least $50. I loved the first month so much that I've already purchased the second month and that should be shipping soon-ish!

As always, let me know what you thought of this month's box in the comments below!

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  1. As a stationary lover, this box sounds great! 😍 I love the colour scheme, really nice.

    Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk