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Friday, September 18, 2020

Cloth & Paper Paper Planner + Stationary Box - August 2020 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

What is Planner Stationary Box?: The Planner + Stationary Box is a monthly subscription box featuring 6-8 items perfect for your planner. Items may include: pens, notebooks, sticky notes, notepads, stickers, journal cards, postcards, notecards & envelopes, and lifestyle items

How Much is Planner Stationary Box?: The Planner Stationary Box is $38.00, but you can lower the cost if you sign up for a longer subscription. There is a discount if you sign up for Penspiration and The Planner Stationary Box together.

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This didn't ship within the guaranteed time-frame, just as a head's up if you subscribe. Also, I'm picking and choosing which months I purchase based on spoilers. I signed up for this month's A5 box before deciding to move into a Personal Size. I am still planning on using my A5 as a desk agenda, but Personal is going to be my EDC once it's built.

Everything always comes so nicely packaged.

Info card pt 1.

Info card pt 2.

8.5" x 11" Quote Sheet (Not for Sale) - I am thinking of cutting this down for my Personal that I'm currently building. It's super pretty and the thickness is perfect for a Dashboard.

Executive Notes Insert ($14.90) - I don't use a lot of dot systems for notes, but I'm going to try because I have these. Maybe it'll make my handwriting neater!

Habit Tracker Insert ($14.90) - I should habit track better than I currently do. I was using SMPlans Weeklies that had it on there but I've switched and forgotten how to track. I need to do this ASAP because I feel so much better when I do.

October "2021 Style" Vertical Weekly ($14.90) - I like the idea of these but I've already weekly planned through the end of October so I'll see if anyone wants these in the groups.

October Month Cover Dashboards ($8.90) - Love. It's super cute and a great way to add something extra. I love the Maya Angelou quote as well!

"I Am the Architect" Dashboard ($8.90) - Another hit! I love how it looks with the "i," it's so artistic and pretty.

Abstract Letter Form Dashboard ($8.90) - I really don't know what I'll do with an "S" dashboard, but it's here so I'll do something with it, layering or something.

Oat Milk + Sorbet Shape Sticky Notes ($5.80) - I love these for putting holes in and putting in my planner for constant use!

Transparent + Matte "Blanc" Tab Sticky Notes ($8.90) - These are super handy for when you need to bring attention to something but not create a whole divider for it.

Journaling Cards ($4.90 x 3) - I like the October one for the front of my planner to see at a glance what dates are, and the minimalism one is perfect!

This box was valued at $100.80, well over the cost. I was happy with it but I did pass on continuing the September subscription until I see what's in it.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments below!

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