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Friday, July 10, 2020

Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet Doubling Charm - June 2020 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

What is Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet?: Vanishing Cabinet is a monthly subscription box by Notoriously Morbid where each month you get a bag of indie makeup. Bags include four to five themed items (a combination of minis and possibly full-sizes). Products can include eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, and/or solid perfume. There is currently a wait list so sign up here to get on the list to start your subscription!

The Doubling Charm features 5 full-size products and one extra product that can range from another full-size NM product, jewelry, brushes, etc. It has the same theme as the regular VC and the same products, just more and bigger!

How Much is Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet?: $15.00/month including shipping to the US. International subscriptions are now $22/month. 

The Doubling Charm is $25.00/month US.

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This bag was so full.

Info sheet.

Notoriously Morbid Notepad & Pen (DC Exclusive) - I wish the pen had been branded as well, but otherwise I'm fine with this being an extra for the DC. It's something different and I can use it to keep track of swatched polishes!

What Am I, Garbage? (Perfume Oil) is scented in Absinthe, Sandalwood, and Amber.
While I'm still a mess, I've learned how to use (and allow to dry) perfume oils without making a mess of my clothes. This is a little spicy and smells amazing so I'm definitely putting this in my purse to wear regularly. It's perfect for day to night as well.

Artistic Revenge (Semi Loose Eye Shadow) is a black based shadow with shifting blue to purple shifts.
This is super pretty in the crease or the outer v. It shifts in such a pretty way and I love the base.

Aww, Babes (Eye Shadow) is a raspberry matte shadow.
This was a little patchy in this finger swatch but it is able to be built up with a smaller dense brush.

The Magic B World (Highlighter) is a bright violet highlight with a turquoise shimmer.
I am in love with this highlighter, it's light enough that it shows up well on me and I love the purple tone of it!

Fabulously Freaky (Glitter Gel/DC Exclusive) is a wonderfully spooky face and body gel glitter.
I don't wear glitter gels. I do know someone that will love this, however. She is a friend's daughter and loves glitter!

It's Showtime (Lip Gloss) is a bright golden green lip gloss, flavored blueberry lime.
This is an interesting shade but a little too much for my liking.

Venture Someplace Scary (Lipstick) is a cool-toned dark traditional lipstick with a lip brush included.
Had this been a shade that I would wear, this would have been perfect. I love the formula and that it's in a pot. I just don't wear purple lips.

Somehow, I forgot to take a picture of all of the swatches combined. Whoops.

Overall, this month was interesting. It was packed full with so many things and I love to see NM branching out a bit, even if everything isn't for me.

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments below!

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