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Monday, July 13, 2020

#Makeup Monday - Notoriously Morbid Secret Gardens Palette Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

I know, more Notoriously Morbid. It's the brand that I have the most of and this just came out, quit judging me. Thanks, I appreciate it.

This is the second of these mini palettes that have been released.

Limerence is an ocean teal blue shimmer.
This applies like a dream. It's super creamy but still blends out nicely. I love this on the lid but I do think that it's not a shade I'll use a lot, mostly because I don't wear a lot of blues anymore.

Petrichor is a matte light grass green.
This applied so nicely with my finger for this swatch and it works super well with a brush as well. This is gorgeous in the crease as a transition shade or all over the lid for a simple green look.

Nepenthe is a baby pink matte.
This is basically my skin tone so it works well as a shade to set my concealer. This could also be used as a highlight shade for those darker than me.

Destinesia is a light rose pink matte.
This is another stunning transition shade but I really love this on the lid with something sparkly over it.

Serendipity is an orchid purple shimmer.
This applied so nicely as well, I love a good shimmer that just works. This is great for the lid as well for something fun and sparkly.

Swatches in the above order.

Overall, I really liked this palette. It's small enough to travel with and but has a good range.

As always, let me know what you thought of this palette in the comments below!

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