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Monday, May 11, 2020

#MakeupMonday Notoriously Morbid - Easter Wolf Basket Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

To show y'all just how caught up I am, this came in on Saturday and I already have it swatched, edited, and ready to post. New me, y'all. I'm thriving for the first time ever in so many aspects of my life and I'm loving it!

This box was $75 and was packed with limited edition items that can't be purchased anywhere else, so there won't be any values associated with items unless I can find something comparable. 

First up, a cup! I've been enjoying my lockdown with a nice beverage in the afternoons, and this is the perfect size for this. I wouldn't put it in the dishwasher as is a bit thin (it remind me of the Starbucks reusable cups but without the soft matte finish) but it's perfect for a cold drink. I love cups and will definitely be happy with this.

Subtle Melancholy Palette.

Gloom is an orchid purple with teal and purple sparkles.
I love this on the lid, it's gorgeous with a cool-toned grey or a taupe in the crease to match the cool-toned purple.

Pensive is a warm-toned purple with blue and purple sparkles.
This is perfect to pop on the lid with a warm brown look in the outer v and crease!

Desolation is a lilac matte.
I love this on the lid, in the crease, I just love a good matte shade.

Grim is a sea foam green with a silver shimmer.
This is amazing on the lid or in the crease, I love a good green shadow, I just don't wear them enough.

Wisftul is a matte mint.
Another matte shade! I love mattes because they're so useful and this is lovely on the lid with some matte greens in the crease!

Swatches of Subtle Melancholy.

Eurpoa (Highlighter) is a highlighter with deep and light pink and gold mixed together.

Macros of Eurpoa.

I swatched the darkest, middle, and most golden parts of the highlighter in that order. This is too dark for a highlighter for me, but it's a gorgeous shimmery blush. I love that you can get different shades or mix it all together for something close to NARS Orgasm.

Primal Rage (Mystic Matte) is an eggplant purple mystic matte.

Macros of Primal Rage.

This isn't really my shade so I will be passing it along. I just can't get behind wearing purples.

Remains of the Day (Cosmic Gloss) is a blackened purple gloss with a teal shimmer and red, purple, and blue sparkles.

Macros of Remains of the Day.

This also isn't really my type of gloss so I passed this along as well.

Overall, I liked this mystery box. I know that mysteries don't always guarantee loves but I was so happy with the palette!

As always, let me know what you thought of this review in the comments below!

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