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Monday, May 25, 2020

#MakeupMonday Notoriously Morbid - Come Play With Us Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

Welcome back to another Makeup Monday! I recently received the Come Play With Us Palette by Notoriously Morbid and shifted everything around so I could get this posted. The best part is I'll be giving away one of these palettes (just the palette) on my Instagram here shortly so make sure you're following my new IG to have a chance at winning!

This palette is based on The Shining. Now if only something would be made based on my favorite Stephen King book, The Stand.

This post is very swatch heavy.

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This collection included a 15-pan palette and two semi-loose shadows.

Look at this palette. It's gorgeous and I can already see so many looks with this.

Overlook is a matte warm-toned brown.
This is light enough to where I could set my eye concealer/primer with this but dark enough to be able to use this as a transition shade built up!

Wendy, Darling is a strawberry pink with a golden shimmer.
This is stunning for the lid or in the crease.

Some People Shine is a pearlized taupe-y pink.
I love this for the lid, a halo eye, or carefully used as a cheek highlight.

Fantastically Cruel is a gold shimmer.
This is stunning for the lid or as a highlight for those with a darker skin tone.

Swingin' the Bat is a matte burnt orange leaning brown.
This is going to be my go-to transition shade for darker eye looks, I can already tell.

Danny isn't Here is a matte periwinkle blue.
Strangely, I'm happy with this shade too. I haven't been wearing makeup a lot, but I wasn't really wearing cool-toned looks before this shelter in place thing started. Still, this is perfect as a transition shade.

Bash 'Em is a warm red with with red and gold sparkles.
I really like this for the lid to pop with an orange transition shade, perhaps the one above.

Redrum is a purple-y pink shimmer with matching sparkles.
I don't wear a ton of pinks but this is super pretty and would work on the lid or in the crease.

Cabin Fever is a matte mustard yellow.
I. Am. Deceased. I love a good matte shade, as you know, and I also am still loving mustard yellow even though it's firmly Summer in Georgia. Love!

Room 237 is a matte orange neon-ish.
This is almost a Cheeto orange and I'm here for it!

Come and Play is a matte teal blue with matching sparkles.
I love that some of the mattes still have some sparkle in them. This is gorgeous for the lid as a nice pop but does need a base to really shine.

Great Party is a royal purple shimmer with blue and red sparkles.
This is gorgeous in the crease but would also work in the outer v.

Solitude is a matte steel blue with pink and blue sparkles.
This is dark enough to work wherever, the crease, a transition, the outer v. Anywhere!

Hedge Maze is a matte olive green.
If I were to wear cool-toned looks, this would be featured in it somewhere.

Dull Boy is a dark silver shimmer with blue, silver, and pink sparkles.
I love this for the lid. It's so sparkley and fun!

Swatches in the above order.

Now to the semi-loose shadows!

Empty Devils is a gold semi-loose shadow.
This is stunning for the lid. It is a bit more copper-y than the gold above.

Queen B!tch of Castle Hell is a denim blue base with teal and purple sparkles.
I expected more of this because of how deep the base is, but it does look better with a sticky base.

Overall, I really loved this collection. The palette was perfect and the two semi-loose shadows were a nice complement. The hit was obviously the palette as I do prefer pressed shadows for daily use and the shades in it made this the perfect travel palette.

As always, let me know what you thought of this review in the comments below!

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