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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Cloth & Paper Planner Stationary Box - May 2020 Review | Frankly Kiersten Review

What is Planner Stationary Box?: The Planner Stationary Box is a monthly subscription box featuring 6-8 items perfect for your planner. Items may include: pens, notebooks, sticky notes, notepads, stickers, journal cards, postcards, notecards & envelopes, and lifestyle items

How Much is Planner Stationary Box?: The Planner Stationary Box is $38.00, but you can lower the cost if you sign up for a longer subscription. There is a discount if you sign up for Penspiration and The Planner Stationary Box together.

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So for my first month of this subscription, I really didn't know what to look for. I saw on SM that this was going to be a really good month because of a birthday in May. Apparently the June box is going to be really good as well. My box is in the A5 size as that's my main planner. 

Everything comes beautifully packaged.

Info card 1.

Info card 2.

Contact Inserts ($14.90) - These aren't available in the shop but this is how much they charge for 15 pages of inserts. I don't really keep contact lists in my personal planner but I have been considering a work planner for my paralegal job so this might come in handy to keep a physical representation of people I may need to contact.

Undated Daily Sampler Inserts  ($14.90) - Another item that's not available for sale in the shop. I do use dailies, I'm currently using some from Simple Trendy Co, and I like that these are different on the back. One side tracks priorities, to-dos, notes, and has an untimed section for your schedule. The back has similar things but it's laid out differently.

World Clock Dashboard ($8.90) - I would have really loved this a few years ago but for now, this will be put in my box with extra goodies that I'm not currently using. I do like that they featured eight locations.

Photo Texture Dashboard ($8.90) - This is actually a piece of Ashley's home, which is a really cool touch. I like that it's abstract so it could have been a photo of just about anything and I'll definitely be putting this in my planner.

Atelier Dashboard ($8.90) - I do like this dashboard, it's something different for me but still minimal enough to fit in.

Wishlist Trackers ($14.90) - This will be useful around Christmas time, not very useful now. My wishlist tends to live on Amazon.

Dirty Chai Circle Sticky Notes ($3.90) - These aren't available yet so I based the value on current sticky notes. I do like that these are a bit different than your traditional sticky notes and I love the Dirty Chai shade. 

Fawn Matte Stickers ($7.90) - These are perfect for trackers and while I'm currently not tracking a lot, I'll definitely get use out of this. These come in circle, hexagon, square, rectangle, and triangle shaped.

Journaling Cards (Unknown) - There were a few in this pack so I'll show all of them off on IG stores here shortly. Literally, later today. I like the monthly one the most and will clip it in the front of my planner for June.

Inbox Sticky Notes ($3.90) - This would also be perfect for my work planner that I'm apparently making now. 

Espresso Page Flags ($2.50) - I love flags and use them quite frequently. I do wish they had matched all of the stickers/sticky notes that were included to show that they went together for the month, but that's just me being picky.

This box was valued at $89.60 plus the value of the journaling cards. I did like this box fine but I might switch to a Pocket size as that's my other planner size and I'm starting to think these might work better in that size as that's my 'pretty' planner.

As always, let me know what you thought of this month's box in the comments below!

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