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Friday, April 3, 2020

Photowall Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

This product was sent as a press sample to me in exchange for a review. Find out more information here.

Photowall is a one-stop shop for wallpapers, canvas prints, framed prints, and posters. You can pick from a myriad of images and sketches they have already or you can upload your own image to be printed. Wallpaper starts at 30/m2, canvas prints start at $58, framed prints start at $86, and posters start at $50. I chose a canvas print of the skyline of Krakow, Poland. I chose a size that would fit over our television without being too massive on the wall. I also am on a waitlist to get some art of the dogs painted and I wanted those for on either side of this. They have options in many sizes from kinda small to massive so you'll be able to get exactly what you want out of your art.

Everything came in the smallest box for a canvas. Before it arrived I was curious as to if it would show up already built and full-size and how they could manage keeping things from getting damaged. Instead I was given (by the nicest delivery driver ever) a tall but very skinny box with everything safely inside. 

The first instruction is to lay down a clean cloth. Because of the size I chose, we needed a sheet (which was wrinkled because I suck at folding sheets and they're never crisp). The actual first thing we had to do was put up the dogs because I figured two nosy dogs with their paws wouldn't be conducive to putting together art.

The next thing to do is lay flat the canvas. Because it was rolled up, we let it lay for a few minutes to help get the curl out.

The next step is create the frame. I let husband take over this because I have shaky hands from medicine I took in the past and he has far more patience than I do (a baby teething has more patience that I do, though, so that's not saying much). This is the inside of the frame, the outside is sticky so the canvas has something to stick to.

The outside of the frame. Fit the frame together (harder than it sounds) and stick the canvas edges to the outside of the frame.

Everything you need is included!

After you have the canvas stuck to the frame, these brackets are screwed in to keep everything tight and together. They included hangers but we already have five thousand holes in the walls that I'm slowly filling (and will eventually have to paint), so we used an excess of sticky hangers instead. This became very handy.

So, a month after it was hung, a problem occurred. I waited on publishing this post to see how well the stick would hold up in the changing weather in Georgia. It's rapidly getting humid and that tends to change how things hold up. Welcome to the South. This is actually a picture that I took just recently, after I restuck it to the frame and it popped back off. I'm not sure if in between the time it became unstuck and the time we noticed it, dust got on the sticky or what but it won't stay stuck and we're going to have to take it off of the wall to add in a layer of glue. Not a huge issue, but something I wanted to mention.

Overall, I really like this service. It's fun to get prints and art but sometimes it's hard to find what you're looking for. Because they have such an extensive collection of images, you can find exactly what you're looking for. I personally wanted Catdalf but husband nixed the idea of that in the living room and I wanted something for there in particular. This was a good compromise as it's somewhere we both enjoyed and it brings back a good memory. There are some really cool skulls that will probably be purchased for my office as that's the theme there and who knows, maybe I'll get Catdalf for there as well!

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