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Monday, April 27, 2020

#MakeupMonday - Notoriously Morbid Ritual of Moons Palette Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

This is a palette from last year and I'm not sure if it'll ever come back for sale on the regular market. I have seen a couple for sale in the resale market, though!

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This palette is about the same width as a Naked palette and a little bit deeper.


Wolf is a olive green shimmer with green and silver sparkles.
I love this on the lid. It's gorgeous with a cool-toned brown in the crease.

Snow is a lavendar shadow with a gold shimmer and pink sparkles.
This is stunning as a halo eye or on the lid. It also works well as a highlight on the cheek or under the eyebrow.

Crow is a sky blue with pink and gold sparkles.
This is gorgeous on the lid with something warm in the crease, or with a good deep blue.

Pink is a light pink with a warm gold shimmer.
I'm in love with this pink, it's just so fun and bright and the perfect pop on a smokey eye.

Flower is an eggplant purple with blue and red sparkles.
I love this on the lid or in the crease it's just dark but also light enough to do either.

Strawberry is a strawberry pink-ish red.
This is perfect for a sunset eye, the only look I'm able to do.

Fruit is a mulberry purple with red and blue sparkles.
I love a good mulberry purple, they're just warm enough but cool enough to work with so many looks.

Harvest is a metallic gold.
If you love a bold highlight, this would work on the cheek. If not, it's stunning on the eye.

Corn is an indigo purple with green and purple shimmers.
I loved this for the crease and the lid, it's just one of those shades that just works.

Hunter is a pale lime green with green sparkles.
I love this on the lid with a forest green in the crease, it's just the perfect pop!

Mourning is a dark denim blue with purple and blue sparkles.
I love this in the crease with something like Wolf on the lid, the perfect combination.

Cold is a sapphire blue.
Who can say no to a gorgeous blue like this? I just want to put it everywhere!

The entire palette.

Overall, this is one of my favorite palettes I've purchased. It pairs nicely with a neutrals palette and you have so many looks!

As always, let me know what you thought of this palette in the comments below!

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