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Monday, March 23, 2020

#MakeupMonday Luck of the Rainbow Mystery Bag by Notoriously Morbid | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

Today I have some swatches of some gorgeous shadows by Notoriously Morbid. This purchase was from two weekends ago and it showed up at the end of last week. They're killing it with their turn around time so definitely check out the website to get not only indie makeup but so many good geek and goth products!

Top to bottom, left to right: Lilias, Bellatrix, Leonora, Eris, and Aluin. I found the descriptions in the Notoriously Morbid Facebook Group and the post was created by Kristin. Swatches are all over my bare skin, they will show up so much better over Shadow Bind but I prefer to show products straight out of the bag.

Lilias (eye shadow) is a light lavender base that shifts from icy pink to blue w/ blue green sparkles multichrome.
This is going to be so good over a white or cream base for a halo eye or for some added sparkle to a neutral look.

Bellatrix (eye shadow) is a pale blue with golden yellow shimmer.
I see this being a good halo eye shadow just because of how the light hits it. Pair it with warmer tones in the inner and outer crease to really make it pop.

Leonora (eye shadow) is a bee pollen yellow with pink peach sheen.
Another good halo eye shadow, but it would look stunning with a red in the outer corner and an orange in the inner. 

Eris (eye shadow) is a warm pastel pink with peach to green sheen.
This would look stunning as a halo but I really see myself using this on the lid with a good burgundy smoked out in the outer corner.

Aluin (eye shadow) is a light turquoise matte shadow.
The matte is the one that I had any issue with finding a good look for it, but I don't wear a ton of blues recently so it's harder to pair. I'm thinking this would be great in the crease with a gorgeous emerald green smoked out in the outer corner and maybe even Bellatrix in the inner corner, or a similarly warm-toned highlight shade.

Swatches in the same order as above.

Overall, I'm super pleased with my bag. I wasn't able to get all three so I was hoping I would get a good mystery bag with some really unique shades and I definitely got that with this bag! This bag isn't available for purchase through Notoriously Morbid but in the Facebook Group, I am seeing some up for sale or trade. Always check out the BST group too!

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