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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Cheeky Maiden Soap Co Pitty Party Deodorant Review | Deodorant Series #1 | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

Welcome to the first of my series of 'natural' deodorant reviews. Let me say that I hate the term natural because it's been decided that natural is safer than clinically derived, but we forget that cyanide is naturally occurring. Just remember that the next time someone tries to tell you that natural is always better. In reality, these deodorants should be called aluminum-free as that tends to be the trend for what's called natural deodorants that aren't also antiperspirants. Now, on to the review.

I'm linking info because this is a local to me deodorant and I like supporting local-ish and handcrafted things. <3

First off, this is the deodorant I purchased. I chose this scent because I love Spearmint everything, even though husband hates it. It just smells so gooood. I love the name, the branding is super cute, and I love that it's a stick formula rather than a gel. I did notice after about five hours that I was feeling sweaty and could smell sweat under the deodorant scent, which did linger at least eight hours but was wearing off steadily. I really liked this deodorant, it seemed to really help cover up my sweats, even anxiety sweats, and it didn't leave me feeling wet after I applied it. I'm not sure which will be my regular deodorant once this is over, but I have plenty of time to decide because I have plenty of deodorants to try out!

We also picked up a couple of other products from this brand, the lotion stick and the muscle rub. The former was for me and I really like this way of putting on lotion, perfect for my work bag. The latter was for husband and he has been using it pretty frequently, so he must like it.

Second Application Required?: Yes.
Smelly Scale?: Good smell, 8. Definitely strong good smell. Bad smell, 4.
Dry v. Wet Feeling?: Definitely dry, felt like wearing an antiperspirant. 

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