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Friday, February 28, 2020

I Went to University and Tried Seed's Probiotic Subscription - Here's How It Went | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

I received the below products in exchange for a review. I am also an affiliate for Seed. Find out more information here.

Welcome to a bonus post :). Let me start this post by saying I'm not a medical professional and I'm not giving medical advice, only sharing my own personal experiences. This post is not meant to be a substitute for speaking to a medical professional.

First off, you should check out Seed. This is how you get started with your subscription. The first thing you will receive after signing up is your welcome kit, which is the first picture below. This includes a recyclable box, a mycelium compostable insert, and two glass containers. One glass container includes your first month of Seed's Probiotic and the other is an empty travel jar to keep your probiotic safe in your bag or luggage. Pretty cool starter kit if you ask me. Below you'll see what you get every month after. Seed's Probiotic System is $49.99/month.

So let's start my review, shall we? I actually had some issues in the beginning but it turns out it was my new medicines for my bipolar disorder. After that leveled out, it was smooth sailing. Some people see physical changes after trying out a probiotic whereas others just get the good changes inside without feeling anything. I did notice at first a little less bloating than usual around my period, but apparently that's gone out the window with this last cycle (I might be a bit bitter). Otherwise, I didn't notice any good or bad changes, which is how I like to live my life.

Here's the answer to the Uni bit in my title. It's a joke, but to join you have to go through their course and learn about probiotics and how they work. I got an awesome sweatshirt (that I've worn on my IG a few times) and a fanny pack as bonus swag! 

Here's what the actual probiotic looks like. It has this inner prebiotic bit and outer probiotic bit to give you the best results for your stomach and your entire body. It's designed to make it through your digestive acids and it breaks down in your body where you really need it! The best part about this bit of science, it doesn't need to be refrigerated! You can do like I do and keep it with the rest of your vitamins and medicines. 

Instructions. You first take one capsule and then bump it up to two after three days, this is to help get you started without any possible side effects!

I could type out all that's in this, or you could just zoom in and then I won't make a typographical error and create something new. Or you can just believe me when I say that probiotics have a lot of funny sounding things that are good for your gut and everything else.

Refill pack!

The paper is compostable and the insert is water-soluable. Seed does a really good job keeping the environment in mind when shipping out product.

Overall, I was super pleased with trying out Seed. I knew a little bit about probiotics but I learned so much more during this post and I am excited to continue taking Seed!

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