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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Fortune Cookie Soap Of the Month - September 2019 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

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What is Fortune Cookie Soap's FCS of the Month Box?: Fortune Cookie Soap of the Month is Fortune Cookie Soap's monthly box to get your monthly fix of FCS products. Each regular box includes one full size product and three deluxe sized products. The four quarterly boxes include a Fortune Cookie Soap plus five deluxe sized products (shipping February, May, August, and November).

How Much is Fortune Cookie Soap's FCS of the Month Box?: FCS of the Month is $16.95 monthly and includes a $10 discount code each month. You can also sign up for the Quarterly option for $67.80/year (billed annually) or the Annual option for $186.45/year.

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This box was PACKED.

Theme card.

Info card.

Sprinkles (Party Bath Salts) is scented with enchanting orange-vanilla dreams, rich cake, topped wiht whipped buttercream.
I don't really use bath salts, because I rarely take baths, so I gave this to a family friend that LOVES baths.

Birthday Wishes (Fine Fragrance Mist) is scented with sponge cake loaded with heavy cream and fresh strawberries mixed with sour rhubarb marmalade.
This smelled so amazing and sweet. I did end up not keeping it because it's not my typical go-to scent that I would normally wear.

Sweet Fix (Whipped Soap) is scented with vanilla frosting, airy clouds of spun sugar, and sticky bubblegum.
I love using this in the shower, I currently have a larger version in there that I'm using right now. It's super moisturizing and does a good job cleaning off your body.

Mint Chip (OCD Hand Sanitizer) is scented with mint leaves and vanilla cream combined with chocolate chips.
As I've mentioned before, I keep a stock of these in my set of drawers because I just love this hand sanitizer so much. This one in particular smells so good and sweet and yummy.

Let's Get Caked (Shimmer Perfume Oil) is scented with decadent cake, sticky caramel, and deep vanilla.
I liked this one fine but I'm still super messy with perfume oils so I did give this away.

Frosting (Creamy Facial Wash) is scented with raw sugar cane and crushed vanilla orchids.
I've semi-recently been getting into trying new face washes so I absolutely kept this. I liked it so much that I'll probably be purchased a full-size of this once I've cleaned out my overstock of cleansers!

Watermelon Cake (Lip Shine) is scented with watermelon-flavored cake.
This smelled amazing and added this gorgeous shine and slight tint of pink, perfect for when you want something but not a lot.

Overall, I really liked this month's box. It was a super cute theme and the products all seemed to fit in that theme.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments below!

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