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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Barkbox (Large) - June 2019 Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

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What is BarkBox?: BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for your favorite pupper. Each box includes five items, two toys, two bags of treats, and a chew. You tell them the size of your pupper and how you want to pay, and then you decide if you want to spend an extra $9/box for an extra toy! It's divided into three sizes, so Trumpet fits nicely in the middle category as 'Just Right' whereas Murphy firmly fits in 'large.'

How Much is BarkBox?: If you want no commitments, cancel anytime, the box is $29/month. A three-month commitment brings it down to $25/month. Six months is $23/month (billed up-front as $138) and a one-year commitment is $22/month but you get to pay monthly! You get free shipping anywhere in the US and Canada, but there is sales tax applied to certain states. 

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Someone is posing.

Hims so cute.

I loved this theme.

Pup-U-Up Salmon Powered Dog Treats  ($5.00) - Another stinky treat, which the dogs just love so much. It's like they just want to give stinky kisses.

Pup-U-Up Duck & Chia Seed Powered Dog Treats ($5.00) - These weren't as stinky, but equally a hit. They were also chewy which meant both dogs loved it.

Jumbo Gym Rat ($10.00) - Because this is the large box, this toy was a little too big for Trumpet to easily carry around. Because of that, I gave it to Murphy and he loved the heck out of it.

Hustle Fur Muscle ($10.00) - This one was a little smaller so Trumpet was able to run away with it and tear it up!

Power Pup Protein Bar ($5.00) - This is a slightly bigger chew than what we're used to, which is nice. It was soft so I was able to break it into halves and each dog enjoyed it.

This box was valued at $35, around normal for Barkbox. Both boys loved their toys and treat and I thought the theme was well thought out. I love that they did a special chew specifically for this box!

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments below!

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