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Friday, January 25, 2019

Harrison Blake Monthly Dapper Club - May 2018 | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

What is the Monthly Dapper Club?: The Monthly Dapper Club (a subscription by Harrison Blake) is a monthly subscription geared towards men. Each month includes a necktie and four accessories. The accessories will be coordinated and easy to style. 

How Much is Monthly Dapper Club?: The Monthly Dapper Club is $25 shipped to the USA and Canada, $40 shipped internationally. Costs go down for longer-term subscriptions. Use SEASON for $15 off your first month.

That's a very...vibrant...tie.

I really want to know who does their card pictures.

Info card.

Harrison Blake Yellow Knit Necktie ($30.00) - I can literally see no time where husband would wear this tie. It's just so vibrant and oddly, so straight. It doesn't flare out like a normal tie and it is just weird looking due to this.

Harrison Blake Blue & Yellow Striped Socks ($8.00) - Favorite item from the box, hands down. HB almost always knocks it out with their socks and this was no exception.

Harrison Blake Spring Daisy Pocket Square ($20.00) - This is adorable and perfect for Easter Services, if you go to such. While it's cute, it's not husband's style and thus, it was given away.

Harrison Blake Vintage Beads Bracelet ($15.00) - Husband doesn't wear bracelets but my mom LOVES this.  

Harrison Blake Vintage Lion Lapel Pin ($20.00) - Uh, I legit didn't know this was a lion's head until seeing the card. It's tiny and not husband's style. Pass.

This bag was valued at $93, but husband didn't find a lot he liked about this bag. I don't like that HB has been sending out so much jewelry, it's not something that I can see being a favorite for a lot of subscribers.

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments!

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