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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Play! by Sephora - Luxury Bag #2 | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

These used to be called just Play bags that were extras that you could purchase on the Sephora site but now the new ones are actually called Play Smarts and there are quite a few available currently. I love these as they're usually higher end brands, more samples, or bigger samples. Yes, I realize I'm not only paying $10 for samples from Sephora that used to be free, but now I'm paying $15-$20 each bag/box for more samples. It's a problem, I'm dealing with it, but I actually like getting these extra bags because more/different things.

This bag was released with a second one and Sephora freaked the crap out. Wrong bags were being sent, refunds were issued. Because they sent me the one I didn't order, they gave me the $20 I spent on the bag back in a gift card. It was a weird week in beauty groups.

I tried to do my same items from the bag as I usually do but it's harder when the bag completely opens. This bag has a harder exterior so this is perfect for travel because the bag won't as easily allow breaks!

I like everything about the bag beside the color.

Info cards.

Tatcha The Silk Cream ($24.00) - This is such a nice moisturizer. I admit, I love using high-end moisturizers and such but I'm so not a fan of the price tag. This alone paid for the entire box and I really enjoy using it. Like I always mention, I suck at using the same thing many days in a row. I feel like I get better results when I switch it up but my resolution in the New Year is to organize and use up my products so maybe this will be in an empties post (if I ever do that...).

La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream ($42.00) - Yikes at this price tag but also yikes at how good this is. This is meant for wrinkles so I use it in my wrinkle-prone places...and just a small amount. I'm determined to make this last until I die.

SK-II R.N.A. Power Eye Cream Radical New Age ($27.00) - This is supposed to be used in the mornings, which is new to me. I'm used to using eye creams at night so this was a turn of events. I like this but it's another product in the 'I love this but will I ever pay for it' category.

Samples of Renewed Hope in a Jar and AmorePacific The Essential Creme Fluid - Too small of samples to even figure out if I like them or not. They came in the bag but they don't have cards so I'm not sure what's going on here.

Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto Beautifying Lip Balm ($21.14) - This is just a lip balm and I have one that I love more and that work perfectly. I passed this along just because I felt ridiculous keeping another lip balm when I have so many.

Giorgio Armani Beauty Ecstasy Shine (400 Four Hundred) ($19.00) - No. This is way too red and I don't wear reds often enough.

Atelier Cologne (Orange Sanguine) (Sample) -I love this. It's just so orangey and fresh and citrusy. Like with the other sample...it's in the bag but it's not on the cards. I'm not sure if this was an extra or what.

Atelier Cologne Santal Carmin Pure Perfume ($18.20) - I'm not sure about this. I don't hate it but I'm also not sure if I like it. It's spicey which isn't usually my thing but it's not so spicy that I hate it. I'll check back in when I decide what I think about it. 

This bag was worth a ridiculous $151.34. I'm floored at how much some of these items cost and more floored that people buy them regularly. Apparently, I'm not living my life right. 

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments!

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