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Thursday, December 27, 2018

PetBox - December 2018 + Coupon Code!| Frankly Kiersten

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What is PetBox?: PetBox is the new version of PetGiftBox from way back when. It's a monthly subscription for woman's best friend, regardless of if that best friend is feline or canine. Each month has a theme and five treats, toys, and accessories. PetBox Cat comes in one size and PetBox Dog comes in small, medium, and large.

How Much is PetBox?: PetBox starts at $24.99/month when you sign up for a year subscription, $27.99/month when you sign up for a three-month subscription, $29.99/month on a month-to-month subscription, and $34.99 for a one-off box.

Use code FRANKLYKIERSTEN for half-off your first box (or your prepaid subscription).

It's so cute! I love winter-themed things!

Theme card.

Info card.

Polar Bear Plush ($13.99) - Trumpet loves these burrow toys. He loves pulling the toys out and handing them to me to put back into the main toy. Murphy....he hasn't quite figured out how the purpose of the entire toy and instead just wants to tear up the smaller toys. For this reason, I have kept all new burrow toys put away for private playtime with Trumpet. Yes, I'm keeping toys from the newest baby.

Stuffless Melted Snowman Plush Splat Toy ($6.79) - Poor Frosty, he died! This is an adorable toy that is definitely unique and not something I've seen before. I like the idea of stuffless toys, mostly because it's one less piece of the toy that I have to clean up.

Snowman Munch - Trumpet loves these types of soft, chewy treats. They are easy for him to chew (he isn't a fan of super hard treats) and for Murphy, he loves any and all treats. Instant hit in this house.

Snowflake Snacks - These aren't super soft but aren't crunchy, they're a bit chewier than a bone. It's a weird treat, but the puppers enjoyed them. Because they were so..hard when they first came in, I immediately put them in the treat jar so they wouldn't get too much more difficult to chew.

Icicle Chew - This doesn't work for us for two reasons. One, it's one chew and we have two dogs. The second but most important reason, I have no clue what animal this came from and Murphy is allergic to beef. I wish they would have put which animal this was from in the description on the card at least, if not solely because of allergies.

Because some of the items in this box are TheGiftBox made, I cannot find a price for them. My personal value was there as the majority of the items were usable and either have been or are soon to be enjoyed by the puppers.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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