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Monday, December 3, 2018

Notoriously Morbid Mystic Monthly - October 2017 + Coupon Code! | Blog My Backlog

What is Notoriously Morbid Mystic Monthly?: Mystic Monthly is a new monthly subscription from Notoriously Morbid featuring the legendary Mystic Mattes liquid lipsticks. Each year has a theme (2017 is The Witches' Inn) and each month comes with one full-size limited-edition Mystic Matte and one additional full-size lip product.

How Much is Mystic Monthly?: Mystic Monthly is $10 in the US (including shipping) and $16 for those international (also including shipping).

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I'm a fan of every bag that sends gum.

Info card.

Matsdotter is a pink toned pumpkin matte.
This was a bit more orange when it dried on me than I would have liked. I ended up giving it away due to this and just my knowing I wouldn't wear it frequently enough.

Macro of swatch.

Swatch of The Mean One, a toffee colored shimmer flavored with Hazelnut Latte.
This is a really nice color but I don't normally gravitate towards this shade range. This formula is always very moisturizing and I have a few that I wear on light makeup days, both with and without pigment.

Overall, this month's Mystic Monthly was a bust. The shade was gorgeous but just not my style. Because I give the stuff I don't wear to friends and family members, it really isn't that annoying. I like sharing with others (strange considering the only child thing) so I'm fine with not everything being for me (my Alex drawers have shared this feeling as well).

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments!

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