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Saturday, December 15, 2018

My Fashion Crate - December 2018 (Premium/Plus Size) | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

What is My Fashion Crate?: My Fashion Crate is a monthly subscription featuring stylish clothing, accessories, beauty items & gift cards. There are *three tiers, the Accessories Box (2-3 items/accessories), the Essential box (3-4 pieces/items) and the Premium box (5-8 pieces/items).

How Much is My Fashion Crate?: The Accessories box is $20.00, the Essential box is $35.00 and the Premium box is $49.95. All U.S. order shipping is $4.95. Shipping to Canada is $13, and all other international shipping is $19.95. 

This is a fashion subscription so you will have to give your sizing. They launched a Plus Size option starting with this month. Top sizing now goes up to 3XL and bottoms also go up to a 3XL (a change from prior boxes as now it's a generalized size more than a numbered one).

This box (still) does not allow for exchanges or substitutions. If something is damaged or they send the wrong size, you can send it back to them for the correction at your expense (with a trackable shipping option).
I feel like if it's their fault, it should be sent back to them at no expense to the subscriber.

Interesting color combo.

I love that the sticker is extra special for December!

Info card, Plus Size Essential & Premium Box.

Info card, Plus Size Premium Box.

Winter Wonderland Shirt (Essential/Premium) ($35.00) - This is cute but way out of my normal fashion. First of all, I hate v-necks. I'm not sure why I have such a dislike for them but I just don't like how they look after the second or third wash. This has a super deep v in the front and the back, much deeper than I wear. It's a little thin and if I wore it, it most likely would have been covered up by now as it's actually fairly cold in Georgia this December. Pass.

Holiday Plaid Skort (Premium) ($48.00) - It's way too cold out for this and I haven't worn a skort since I was in middle school. I don't see how this is at all holiday-themed nor how it would be worn at a holiday event. It's just a random piece in a December bag where it's fairly cold here and definitely colder than that in at least half of the country. Pass.

Winter Knit Beret (Premium) ($30.00) - Well, this would have been perfect had it not had the pom on the top. I love the look of it on, but the pom was obnoxious when I moved my head (and made me feel like a 12-year-old). Pass.

Jules Smith Rose Gold Crimson Chain Choker (Essential/Premium) ($45.00) - I LOVE rose gold jewelry but this was a little out of my normal style, mostly because I couldn't get it to actually be a choker. It was a bit loose but not loose enough to be a full-blown necklace. It looked weird on me and isn't my style. Pass.

Riah Fashion Cute "Hope" Pouch (Essential/Premium) ($25.00) - I love this bag. I love the cork bottom and the size of it, it's basically pretty amazing. I would have kept it had it not been white because I only would have used this for makeup and white bags + makeup = a big ol' nope. Pass.

MaskerAide Crystal Clear Mini Sheet Mask Set (Essential/Premium) ($5.50) - When this says it's mini sheet masks, they're the size of those Goop stickers that are supposed to promote healing or health or something. These are tiny little 'masks' that take up almost no space on your face. Basically, it's like a child's toy and not actually a sheet mask. Pass.

This box was valued at 188.50. While writing this, I've realized I passed on this entire bag. If I had paid for it, I would have been furious. I hope to see at least half of a bag be my style but this whole thing was a bust. The clothing pieces from the not plus size box were gorgeous, definitely meant for fall/winter, and overall just perfect. These pieces look like they were an afterthought and what was the easiest thing they could find. I was totally let down by this box without seeing the not plus size box and after seeing what was received, it reminds me of the bs that plus size women go through when shopping for clothes. The not plus size box was valued at $208.50, $20 more than what this one was valued at and they received one more item than this box. The boxes should be more comparable and the plus size box should look like they put more thought into it than a t-shirt and a mini-skort in December.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments.

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