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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Lexli Dry Skin Set Review | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

Hey, y'all! Today I have a mini-skincare review. I was sent four items from Lexli to try out and give you my honest thoughts on it. This is an aloe-based skincare company (they use aloe instead of water as aloe actually does something for your skin versus water just being a base) and is Leaping Bunny Certified. 

Day Moisturizer with SPF 15 ($41.99) - For the cost of this, I really thought highly of this moisturizer. Unfortunately, it felt and smelled just like any old sunscreen. I didn't notice my skin drier but I didn't feel like I got $40 worth of moisture either. I didn't have any issues with makeup application over but as I'll mention later, I didn't use these products very much to test with a variety of primers and foundations.

Revital-Eyes (Not Available for Sale in This Size) - This is a pretty moisturizing eye cream. If you aren't using something to help with dark circles and instead just need some moisture, I recommend this. I still use this off and on when switching out products (because having a set routine is too adulty for me). I haven't noticed any toning but I'm not needing that so much as lightning up my dark circles.

Night Moisturizer ($39.99) - This is just another general night cream in my opinion. It's moisturizing but no better than what I have found with drugstore products. I didn't have tight face like I do in the mornings if I don't use a moisturizer but I still needed a morning moisturizer eight or nine hours later.

AloeGlyC Renewing Exfoliant ($78.99) - This was the product that scared me and made me stop using all of the products for quite a while. Almost immediately after applying this on one cheek and moving to the other, the first started burning and I was in near screaming pain. I immediately washed it off and put aloe on every spot I had put the AloeGlyC. After I let it cool, I looked and where it had sat the longest was blood red and tender to the touch. I didn't go to the doctor or anything over it, but I believe that I had the beginnings of a chemical burn. I'd shy away from this product regardless of your skin as I don't have sensitive and I had such a harsh reaction.

Overall, while the products may be good, the majority perform just as a drugstore product at a higher cost. I didn't find value in the products but I also don't use them constantly for fear of another reaction.

As always, let me know what you thought of this review in the comments.

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