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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Jior Couture - Halloween Trio | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

Hey, y'all! Happy Halloween...in December...yikes...I'm behind. Oh well, look at the pretty picture I did for the trio, head over to Jior's website as these are currently available, and don't forget to check out all three reviews for the three polishes. kthxbye.

Look at me being fancy.

I Witch You Would is a tri-thermal (green-warm, red/violet-cool, blackened blue-cold) with a gold shimmer.

Last Minute Costume is a tri-thermal (pink-warm, red-cool, blackened burgundy-cold) with a copper shimmer.

The Candy We Love to Hate is a tri thermal (yellow-warm, orange-cool, blackened brown-cold) with a gold shimmer.

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