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Monday, December 10, 2018

Fortune Cookie Soap Soap Box - Winter 2017 | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

What is Fortune Cookie Soap's The Soap Box?: The Soap Box is a quarterly subscription box by Fortune Cookie Soap that features eight exclusive FCS mini items from a new collection prior to the launch of the new collection. Each box also comes with a $10 FCS gift code that you can use in the store.

How Much is Fortune Cookie Soap's The Soap Box?: The Soap Box is $19.99 for US customers, $24.99 for Canadian customers, and $29.99 for International customers. The price includes shipping!

Uh, I still haven't watched The Lord of the Rings besides The Hobbit...whoops.

Info card.

OCD Hand Sanitizer (Evenstar) ($1.00) - This OCD has glitter in it which means I passed it along. I didn't find it enjoyable to have glitter dry on my hand when I'm trying to do a quick clean of them and the glitter just made my hands itchy.

Perfume Oil (I Am No Man) ($7.99) - No. I don't do perfume oils no matter how good they smell. I'm messy.

Tealight (You Shall Not Pass) - This has glitter in it when turned a little strange when melting this. It lasted about as long as a normal tealight candle does (which isn't very long) and I didn't notice any scent when burning.

Cuticle Butter (Kingsfoil) ($8.95) - I loved this cuticle butter. It's not super greasy but it did leave my hands smooth and moisturized. This is long gone!

Bath Bomb (Middle Earth) ($6.99) - I don't take baths. Pass.

Shampoo Bar (Mellon) ($8.99) - I really tried to like this. I love shampoo bars (I used to get them from Lush) but this didn't lather up or make my hair feel clean after use.

Fortune Cookie Soap (My Precious) ($3.99) - This looks very Halloweeny for a winter box, in my opinion. I'm also not sure what the color has to do with the theme. Overall, this was a weird soap.

Whipped Cream (Second Breakfast) ($6.99) - I LOVE the whipped cream formula. I have so many of them stocked up so I never run low. The scent was just okay but I used it just for the formula.

There isn't a specific value for this box as it is full of sample size products (I list the value of the full-size product). Overall this box was a mixed bag. Some items were amazing and some were just meh at best.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments.

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