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Saturday, December 29, 2018

ecoTools - February 2018 | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

What is the ecoTools Box?: The ecoTools Box is a monthly purchase (not subscription) with a theme filled with products from both ecoTools and outside brands. There is no specified guaranteed value that I can find but it's always more than the cost of the box.

How Much is the ecoTools Box?: Each box is $50 but if you wait, you can sometimes find boxes still available after the month for a discounted price. There are many boxes currently available that are less than the $50, but I paid $50 for each box.

Look at the pink box!!

Theme card.

I loved this.

Confidence in Bloom Brush Kit ($19.99) - Oooh, I love this brush set so much. It has all of the essentials and the eye brushes are especially good. If you can find this somewhere (or whatever themed one has the same brushes), I highly recommend.

Polishing EcoPouf ($3.49) - I like poufs but I don't use them anymore so I gave this away.

Tri-fecting Wedges ($7.99) - ecoTools sponges are so good at blending out cream products without picking up too much. They are cheaper so if you're rough (or have destructive dogs) then you won't feel bad. I go for my ecoTools sponges more than I do my BeautyBlenders.

Small Expert Thermal Styler ($12.99) - I remember my grandmother had a brush like this twenty years ago. I don't curl my hair a lot with a blow dryer so I gave this brush away.

Facial Mask Mates ($7.99) - This was an instant keep. The brush is so good at applying masks and the removers are really nice for taking off a mask but also doing some light exfoliating.

ULTA Detoxifying Charcoal Deep Cleansing Clay Mask ($3.00) - Old Kiersten didn't do clay masks. New Kiersten doesn't do them often. Pass.

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush (Natural) ($11.95) - This is a STUNNING blush. I didn't swatch it because it's not exactly the same every time due to all of the different parts. It adds a nice natural flush without being too much but I could see how this wouldn't be a ton of pigment on darker skin tones.

ecoTools Mirror (Not for Sale) - Strange fact, I love mirrors. Even though I have a phone with a front-facing camera, I still like having a mirror around just in case. This is a clamshell mirror so it's more protected and the design on top is adorable!

This box was valued at an estimated $67.40. I definitely found the value in this box and loved just about everything!

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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