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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Boxycharm - November 2017 | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

What is Boxycharm?: Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box that sends 4-5 full-size beauty products with boxes being valued at $100+. Each month has a theme but it's not followed exactly as much as the spirit of the theme. Shipping has gotten a lot better since my last Boxycharm post, I get my box almost always in the first half of the month (there is a distribution center less than an hour from my house).

How Much is Boxycharm?: Boxycharm is $21/month shipped. Currently, Boxycharm is offered to the US, its territories, and Canada.

If you sign up for Boxycharm Luxe, four times a year you will get a different box that costs an additional $28.99 on top of the $21. You will not get a 'regular' Boxycharm that month and there's currently no way to get both the regular and the Luxe during the Luxe months without having two subscriptions at once. Until you can get both without dealing with two subscriptions, I will stay with the 'regular' one.

Sweater Weather reminds me of The Neighborhood and when I saw them live. Weird throwback.

Info card.

Luxie Beauty Quad Eye Travel Set ($32.00) - Does anyone actually buy Luxie brushes or do we all get them in subscription boxes? I've bought some through Ipsy on sale a few times, but never actually for full price. I love Luxie brushes but minis would just be lost in my collection so I passed these along.

Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray ($31.00) - This is perfect if you love spraying iridescent glitter on your face! /s I don't know that I've ever hated a product as much as I hated this. Why would a brand ever put glitter in a setting spray?!

Laqa & Co Cloud Lips (Storm) ($17.00) - Any of the other shades of this would have been perfect but this is far too brown than I'd ever wear. Instant pass.

KNC Beauty Collagen Lip Masks ($15.00) - So far, I haven't seen any collagen side effects of this mask, but I've definitely felt the hydration. I like that three were sent so we could actually see some benefits (if there are any) through multiple uses.

WinkyLux Kitten Palette ($25.00) - So, there's a WinkyLux store in Atlanta now. Literally, just a WinkyLux store. I might have squealed and jumped a little when I saw it (and then ran in and swatched things). I fell in love with this palette when it came in and I've used it so many times since receiving it. It swatches pretty nicely and overall it applies just the same. I love cat eye and holographic the most!

Swatches. I swatched this weird. Top to bottom, left to right is the bottom, middle, and top row backwards. Yikes.

This bag was valued at $120, well over the cost. It's not much over the guaranteed $100 value and a few of the products were busts, but the palette paid for the box and it was perfect so I'm happy!

As always, let me know what you thought of this bag in the comments!

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