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Friday, November 23, 2018

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

Hey, y'all! Today I have a newish product to share today. I received Neutrogena's Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment wand to try out and now that my skin has some more oily patches, acne has started coming up sporadically. When the opportunity came up, it just made sense. The idea behind the product is that it has two lights (a blue one for killing acne-causing bacteria and a red one for reducing inflammation) and together, they are supposed to make any zits appear reduced in as quick as two days. It does require each zit being treated individually three times a day for as long as they are there, which sounded easy enough at first and became super tedious by the end of my trying this out. 

Because the product has to be put directly on each zit, a mirror was required for me to make sure it was actually on the area. My life is currently a work from home style so it's more convenient for me. If you work outside of the house or just spend most of your time on the go, I don't see this being as easy to use as they say. Stopping and putting something on your face in various places three times a day is definitely more difficult than my style of applying a product to the areas necessary once (sometimes twice) a day (taking less than a minute total).

Now to efficacy. I did my best to follow instructions (not necessarily used evenly spread out but when I could remember) and I really didn't see a difference between how quickly this round of acne looked better and how quickly it happens on its own/with my normal products.

Final thoughts. While the product is a really cool concept, I don't see how this is particularly helpful for those who have actual acne/skin worse off than mine. It wasn't a convenient product to use for even me, who typically only has three or four zits at most. If you have more issues, it's a very time-consuming product to use versus old-school topical products. It requires more work and a lot of thought to remember to use the product (and carry it with you, and have a mirror nearby). I try to see the benefit of this product but considering how it's meant to be used, I can only think of a few lifestyles that this would be conducive with. 

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