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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

My Fashion Crate - November 2018 (Premium/Plus Size) | Frankly Kiersten Reviews

What is My Fashion Crate?: My Fashion Crate is a monthly subscription featuring stylish clothing, accessories, beauty items & gift cards. There are *three tiers, the Accessories Box (2-3 items/accessories), the Essential box (3-4 pieces/items) and the Premium box (5-8 pieces/items).

How Much is My Fashion Crate?: The Accessories box is $20.00, the Essential box is $35.00 and the Premium box is $49.95. All U.S. order shipping is $4.95. Shipping to Canada is $13, and all other international shipping is $19.95. 

This is a fashion subscription so you will have to give your sizing. They launched a Plus Size option starting with this month. Top sizing now goes up to 3XL and bottoms also go up to a 3XL (a change from prior boxes as now it's a generalized size more than a numbered one).

This box (still) does not allow for exchanges or substitutions. If something is damaged or they send the wrong size, you can send it back to them for the correction at your expense (with a trackable shipping option).
I feel like if it's their fault, it should be sent back to them at no expense to the subscriber.

This month's bag was PACKED. Once I pulled it out to initially look, it wouldn't fit back in.

Info card (Plus Size/Essential and Premium)

Info card (Plus Size Premium)

Let's Just Be Casual Top ($45.00) - I cannot find this top anywhere but on the MFC website, so I'm assuming their pricing is correct. I liked the idea of this shirt but it sat really weird regardless of if I tried to get the straps in the front or in the back. I love the length, almost tunic-length, and the feel was amazing. I gave it to my mom who loves it.

Cozy Patterned Cardigan ($50.00) (Premium) - I fell in LOVE with this the second I pulled it out of my bag. It has elbow length sleeves, that are tighter around the bottom so it billows out nicely so it will work for much longer than all of my long sleeve ones. It's also a nice length and is slightly longer in the back than in the front. I love everything about this. If you do buy it, it is hand-wash only, but I'm totally fine with this considering how soft this is.

Garmet Washable Travel Bag (Related Garments) ($12.00) - I use a garment bag every week for husband's stuff that can't be dried (easier to sort it before washing than when everything is wet) so I was looking forward to having another one to separate out hanging versus folded. It washed the clothes fine but when it came to drying, everything was sopping wet even after a full dry cycle. It's fine if you are just washing but it seems to heavy to dry with.\

BUBBLE BUBBLE POP Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask (MaskerAide) ($5.50) - I'll be honest, I don't use a lot of bubbly masks. They're always a little weird and I saw so many bad ones on YouTube that I shied away for the longest. I will eventually try this because it's time to woman up and not be afraid of a mask.

Pink RFID Slim Card Case (Lodis) ($35.00 listed/$14.99 website) (Premium) - Not only did this instantly make it in my purse, but it made me clean out old cards that aren't used anymore and made my purse significantly lighter. It can have cards doubled up so it does hold quite a bit still and has a zippered area for money or stuff you definitely don't want to lose.

I Am Priceless Bracelet (MaeMae Jewelry) ($16.00) - I love this bracelet. It's dainty enough to fit with my style (and other bracelets) but has enough in the band to not disappear. I love how you can customize it for whatever style/color choice you want and that they have sizes. This is a standard that was sent but I could have easily fit in a small. I haven't decided yet if I'm keeping this or if I'm going to share it with my mom.

Lace Tie (Headbands of Hope) ($17.00) - I really wish I were the type of person to wear this. It's so gorgeous and looks amazing against my dark hair, but I'm not one to wear a lot in my hair (other than a hair tie). I did wear it around the house for a bit acting all fancy but I inevitably gave this away.

Overall, this bag was valued at $180.50 on the card with an actual value of $160.49. I do feel like the two clothing piece values were a bit overinflated (I love that cardigan and I wouldn't pay more than $20 for it) but the value was definitely still there. This was the first MFC that had both a clothing piece that I loved (and fit) and accessories that I also opted to keep, so I'm loving it!

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments!

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