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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Moonflower Polish - Gemstones Pt 1 Review | Nail Polish Reviews

So, this is something completely different for me. I am sharing nail art! This collection is a stamping one (all of her polishes are actually stamping polishes) and I leaned into the Halloween theme because it's been Halloween at my house for at least a month. I have the minis but there are also full-size ones available! This collection is in preorder through tomorrow at 11:59PM EST, so go grab it now! The full-size polishes (15mL) are $14 each and the minis (7mL) are $8 each! 

Here's the Gemstones Collection, Pt 1!

Y'all, these minis are so cute! And the brushes are actually 'regular' ones!

Amatista is a red-leaning purple holographic polish.

Aguamarina is an intense aqua/teal holographic polish.

Diamante is a slightly darker than normal silver holographic polish.

Obsidiana is a blue-leaning black holographic polish.

Oro is a yellow gold holographic polish.

As always, let me know what you thought of this collection in the comments!

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