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Friday, September 28, 2018

My Fashion Crate - September 2018 (Premium/Plus Size) | Subscription Review

What is My Fashion Crate?: My Fashion Crate is a monthly subscription featuring stylish clothing, accessories, beauty items & gift cards. There are *three tiers, the Accessories Box (2-3 items/accessories), the Essential box (3-4 pieces/items) and the Premium box (5-8 pieces/items).

How Much is My Fashion Crate?: The Accessories box is $20.00, the Essential box is $35.00 and the Premium box is $49.95. All U.S. order shipping is $4.95. Shipping to Canada is $13, and all other international shipping is $19.95. 

This is a fashion subscription so you will have to give your sizing. They launched a Plus Size option starting with this month. Top sizing now goes up to 3XL and bottoms also go up to a 3XL (a change from prior boxes as now it's a generalized size more than a numbered one).

This box (still) does not allow for exchanges or substitutions. If something is damaged or they send the wrong size, you can send it back to them for the correction at your expense (with a trackable shipping option).
I feel like if it's their fault, it should be sent back to them at no expense to the subscriber.

Is anyone else getting Spring vibes from this?

Essential box information.

Premium box info.

Heart of Happiness Blouse ($38.00) - I have absolutely no clue the actual price of the item I received as the name/description is for this blouse, all that's missing is the part about the cold shoulder. I also cannot find this brand at all so I'm not actually giving this product a value towards the box. It could be as simple as it's a private brand that doesn't sell to customers and therefore doesn't have a website, but that doesn't mean you can copy and paste the information from another brand's item.
The fit on the shirt was uncomfortable at best. I have hips so shirts either need to have some stretch at the bottom, some cuts, or a flare. This shirt is a box all the way down so your hips cannot be any wider than the shirt without it being a bad fit. The detailing also had some damage at the dop near the button that cannot be fixed in any way I can think of making it even less likely for me to wear it.

Perch Happy Blue Blouse ($38.00) - I cannot find this piece online anywhere so I cannot speak to the pricing. The fit was okay in almost all places besides right at the top of my armpit (it was gaping in a way that makes me not want to wear it). It's also a strange choice for September. While it feels like Summer throughout most of the day in late September in Georgia, not everywhere stays warm for so long. The color choice also screams 'Spring' to me just because of how pale of a shade it is. It's a pretty shirt, regardless, and I could see it paired with some dark jeggings.

Fair Seas Supply Co. The Charleston Towel (Golden Pineapple) ($44.00) - I don't know that I've ever owned a Turkish Towel before. Apparently, they're very good for drying off at the beach so if we ever go there, I'll be sure to carry it along. It doesn't take up a ton of room and folds easily so it can be put in a linen closet without hassle...which is probably where this will go until we move. The color is very Summery...a theme with this month's bag, but I would have picked the Caribbean Blue if I'd had the choice!

Mollie Jacob Deep Moisturizing Lipstick (Blush) ($22.00) - This shade is horrible in my opinion. It's a super neon baby pink shade and definitely not my style. Usually with products that I don't have a use for, I know someone that I can give it to that will find a use. So far, all I've come up with is a friend's kid for play makeup. The picture on the website definitely doesn't look like what I received and based on that, I'm guessing the other shade is orange and I also wouldn't like. The brand also seems really high priced for what they offer.

Sterling Forever Blue Smoke Fringe Multi Drop Earrings ($48 card/$46 website) - If you can't tell by now, I'm seeing a theme with this light blue shade, but I will forever see it as a Spring/early Summer shade. There are so many color options in this piece (cobalt, red, black) that I would have much preferred to see. For the actual piece, I've never had/kept a pair of this style earrings but I'm determined to make them work at least once. They're very flowy and fun to wear (but distracting to those that are easily distracted).

Kanio Sky Bracelet ($24.00) - I wish I knew how long I have to lay this bracelet flat to make it lay on my wrist like it does on the model. It's a gorgeous set of blue beads and I like the slight hippie look that it has. I wouldn't consider this something to wear on a more dressed up occasion but it could easily be worn daily. It apparently has some sort of healing properties so based on the other options, I would have rather received a Rain or a Dark Sea one. Regardless, I'll add it to my casual bracelets for when I remember to put jewelry on.

Kanio $7 Gift Card - Not included.

Mollie Jacob Lipstick.

The value of my box was $174 because of the incorrect information on the first shirt. If you couldn't tell from my item reviews, I wasn't pleased with this month's box. The bracelet and earrings were cool (not my style, but still nice) and the towel was an interesting addition. The entire box screamed Summer and by the time mine came in, I think there was about a week left of official Summer. I'm used to boxes leaning into the following season so this threw me off a lot.

I like that they started a plus size box (even though they launched with plus size options) but it seemed disappointing compared to the not-plus size box. I think there's still a lot of room to grow with the box itself.

As always, let me know what you thought of this box in the comments.

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